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Coastal Management Program - Wagonga Inlet, Mumaga Lake & Moruya River

Eurobodalla has numerous coastal lakes and estuaries between Durras Lake and the northern shoreline of Wallaga Lake.

We are preparing a Coastal Management Program to ensure our estuaries are managed and developed in a way that protects the natural features that underpin their attraction.

Council has engaged environmental consultants, Salients, to prepare the Coastal Management Program (the program). The program will be prepared in accordance with the NSW Coastal Management Act 2016 and new guidelines published by the NSW Government.

Program focus and staging

Work on the program began in 2018, when Council received funding to focus on updating our existing estuary plans to identify new and emerging issues associated with protecting the health of our estuaries.

The Coastal Management Program’s focus is on areas that are, or are expected to be, affected by coastal hazards now and into the future.

Work undertaken to determine a scope of issues identified ecological areas such as saltmarsh and vegetation fringing, as being areas where we will need to focus our work. This was highlighted due to the potential for increased tides to flood these areas, as sea level rises under existing and future conditions of climate change.

The program will be delivered in five stages, with stage one being complete:

  • Stage one (complete): Prepare a scoping study to identify key issues and the range of technical assessments required.
  • Stage two: Technical investigation to identify areas that are potentially at risk from coastal hazards now and into the future.
  • Stage three: Develop strategies to protect our estuaries and maintain the values held by our community that are associated with estuaries. Council will host drop-in sessions to seek community ideas and feedback to determine what solutions best align with these values. For example, early consultation identified good water quality, access for recreation and sporting activities, and maintenance of natural beauty as key community values.
  • Stage four: Public exhibition and certification of the program. The community will have a final opportunity to comment and contribute during this stage.
  • Stage five: Implement and monitor the program.

We can help you

For more information contact Council's Coast and Flood Management Planner on: