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Eurobodalla Coastal Management Program

Eurobodalla has over 140km of beaches, headlands and shorelines, from South Durras Beach in the north, to Akolele on the shoreline of Wallaga Lake at the southern end of Eurobodalla Shire. Council manages approximately 60 per cent of this area, the remaining beaches are managed by National Parks.

We are preparing a Coastal Management Program to ensure Eurobodalla Shire's coast is managed and developed in a way that protects our natural features and supports ongoing growth.

Council has engaged Umwelt Environmental Consultants to prepare the Coastal Management Program. The program will be prepared in accordance with the NSW Coastal Management Act 2016 and new guidelines published by the NSW Government.

Program focus and staging

Work on the program began in 2010 when Council received funding to focus on a small area of Batemans Bay. The focus soon expanded to include a more strategic assessment of the entire Eurobodalla Shire. On multiple occasions, the project scope has needed to adapt to reflect changes in government, coastal policy and guidelines, and the Coastal Management Act.

The Coastal Management Program's focus is on areas that are, or are expected to be, affected by coastal hazards now and into the future, with particular attention to places where Council, community or private assets could be at risk from coastal hazards such as erosion and inundation.

The program will be delivered in five stages. Stages one and two have been completed. We are currently in stage three.

You can get involved by giving us your feedback and ideas about different coastal management options:

  • Stage one (complete): Prepare a scoping study to identify key issues and the range of technical assessments required.
  • Stage two (complete): Technical investigation to identify areas that are potentially at risk from coastal hazards now and into the future. These areas have been mapped to indicate the extent of hazards such as erosion and inundation, from storms, waves and tides.
  • Stage three (in progress): Develop strategies to adapt our communities to coastal hazards. Council will host drop-in sessions to seek community ideas and feedback to determine what solutions are preferred. Solutions must be affordable with limited environmental and community impacts.
  • Stage four: Public exhibition and certification of the program. The community will have a final opportunity to comment and contribute during this stage.
  • Stage five: Implement and monitor the program.
Find out about the program so far

Stage 1 and background information

Learn about what has happened so far with the Eurobodalla Coastal Management Program.

Read the Eurobodalla coastal hazard assessment

Stage 2: Coastal hazards assessment documentation

Download the Eurobodalla coastal hazard assessment, which was presented to the community in 2017 during Stage 2.

The Eurobodalla Coastal Management Program stage 3

Stage 3: Options for managing Eurobodalla Shire's coast

In July 2018, we asked for feedback and ideas from the community about how best to manage Eurobodalla Shire's coast.

Get involved

Community engagement

See what has already happened and how you can get involved, learn about the program, and share your ideas with us.