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Case Study - Hanging Rock Basketball Stadium

In 2013, Council began a sustainability project targeting energy use in 50 community buildings.

The process involved generating an energy report and doing some simple 'on the spot' retrofits. The report highlighted potential works that Council could do to reduce operational costs further.

The project aims to reduce CO2 by 365 tonnes and water use by 3,395kL over a two year period.

Hanging Rock Basketball Stadium (HRBS) is a well used regional sporting facility and was included in the project:

  • Hours of use: Up to 31 hours per week
  • Building area: 883m2
  • Weekly site visitors: 250


There have been three major components to decreasing the facility's energy use. We have:

  • carried out a major lighting upgrade in 2011/2012. 32 banks of T5 fluorescent tubes installed in place of inefficient High Bay Mercury Vapour lamps.
  • education and engagement with the site users has resulted in some simple behaviour changes that save energy.
  • completed an energy audit and retrofit 2013/2014 including;
    • installing a valve cosy device on the hot water system. A valve cosy fits over an electric hot water valve to stop heat escaping, saving about $50 per year.
    • installing 4 low flow shower heads, which cut a typical shower head flow from 21 litres to 9 litres per minute.

This reduction in energy highlights that upgrading technology and motivated site users can make a difference to overall energy use.

A low flow shower head at Hanging Rock Basketball Stadium Fridge at Hanging Rock Basketball Stadium

Photo left: A low flow shower head.

Photo right: This fridge with non-perishables is now switched off.


Hanging Rock Basketball Stadium energy use has been steadily decreasing since 2011.This is the result of a number of energy upgrades over this period.

This reduced energy use provides significant savings in operating costs and in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Printer on a desk  Electric wall-mounted hot water urn

Photo left: Electrical items on standby draw power, it's important to switch item off at the wall.

Photo right: The hot water urn is now switched of when not in use.  This saves about $150 per year.

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