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Stormwater pollution and litter prevention

Our oceans are home to a myriad of marine life; they provide us with oxygen, countless fun activities, relaxation and aesthetic pleasure. However, oceans are also voiceless and need to be protected.

Street litter can become marine debris with just a little help from the wind or a rain storm. Litter washes into the gutter and down the stormwater drains straight into your local waterway or beach.

Once in the ocean, plastic will slowly break up into smaller and smaller pieces, which can be mistaken by fish, sea birds and many other marine species, as food. Large pieces of plastic (both soft and hard) can also float on the ocean’s surface and are often mistaken for food by seabirds, dolphins, and turtles.

Council has installed some stormwater drain baskets in the Batemans Bay CBD to address this problem. The 'Drain Buddy' is a heavy duty basket that captures street litter, sediment and organic debris before it reaches our waterways.

Council’s maintenance crews monitor and empty the baskets, and record items caught on the Australian Marine Debris Database, as part of their works schedule. It is important to know what items are being prevented from entering the estuary and ultimately, becoming marine debris, so that we can develop source reduction plans to stop the litter at its source.

We can help you

For more information about stormwater pollution and litter prevention, or our Drain Buddy program, please contact Council’s Environment Education Officer, Bernadette Davis on: