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Saving water

Water is a precious resource and needs to be used wisely to make sure Eurobodalla Shire continues to have a safe and clean water supply.

Some simple things you can do to save water include: checking your water meter to see if you have any leaks; installing flow restrictors to existing taps and showers, which you can get for free through our showerhead exchange program, and choosing water efficiency rated appliances and fittings when you are upgrading or replacing old ones.

You can read about Council's rebate and replacement programs, permanent water conservation measures, water-wise garden program, water saving tips and incentives to local household and business water customers below.

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Rebates and replacements

Find out about rebates and replacement programs to help Eurobodalla customers save water, including the showerhead exchange program and washing machine rebate.

Water saving tips, rebates & replacement programs

Water saving tips

Read Council's tips to conserve water in and around the house by making small changes to everyday habits, and visit the Smart Water Advice website for more tips for the home, garden, and businesses.

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Water saving incentive scheme

Council offers a variety of water saving rebates such as a washing machine rebate, dual flush toilet rebate and free water saving devices installed by Council.

Water-wise garden program

Water-wise garden program

Council has a water-wise garden program to help Eurobodalla residents learn easy ways to stop wasting water, and create and maintain colourful and water efficient gardens that can flourish in local conditions year-round.

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Permanent water conservation measures

Permanent water conservation measures are recommended for all water users connected to town water, to reduce wasteful use and to secure Eurobodalla Shire's long-term supply.

Book a guided education tour of Council's water and sewer facilities

School tours of water and sewer facilities

Council offers teachers and students, guided education tours of its water and sewer facilities. Students can tour Council's northern water filtration plant and sewage treatment plants.

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