Araluen Road second landslide

Road closed until further notice

A landslide has occurred on Araluen Road, 43km west of Moruya at Merricumbene, near the shire boundary.

The road is impassable approximately 2km before Pigeon Gully Bridge.

The road is closed to all vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Access to Araluen Road east of this landslide is only available from Moruya using the temporary detour road via Mount Wandera. The last property east of the landslide is 4277 Araluen Road. Access to Araluen Road west of this landslide is only available from Braidwood. The first property west of the landslide is 4329 Araluen Road.

The road cannot simply be cleared and re-opened to traffic due to instability on both the high and low sides of the road.

The road will be closed for the foreseeable future.

More info: Restoring access - Araluen Road