Applying to hold an event

So you've decided to run an event....but you're not quite sure where to start? We have an Events Guide and Event Management Plan template to make your task easier! But first, let’s run through the approval process.

Is it an activity or event

Events come in all different sizes and there are a lot of different activities. These range from markets and fundraisers to major festivals and events.

Large events need a completed Event Management Plan to get an Event Licence.

An activity or small scale event can be approved by completing a simple application form. Send this form to our Booking Office staff who look after the bookings of all our halls, parks and reserves.

If you're not sure where your event fits, fill in the form below or contact us. We can let you know what the next steps are, what approvals you need and how we can help.

  • Event Introduction Form

Picking a Date

Pick your date and make a tentative booking through Council’s Booking Office – (02) 4472 3153. This will make sure the venue you want will be available once your application is processed.

Ground Work

Develop your Event Management Plan with help from our Event Guidelines. Make sure you consider and allow for timeframes and budgets. It is important your timeframes take into account our processing times for Event Applications. If your event is a bit complex or has special or unusual requirements, it can take up to four (4) months to process.

  • Event Management Plan template
  • Event Guidelines

Or contact us to get the individual help sheets or templates

  • Before you begin
  • Event Organisers Checklist
  • Risk Management
  • Waste Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Food and Alcohol

You may need to include supporting information or approvals from other relevant agencies which can take time to finalise.

What happens next?

Once we get your completed Event Management Plan, we will circulated to relevant Council officers for feedback. If you have supplied all relevant information this process generally takes about 4-6 weeks. Events requiring road closures will require more time and can take up to 4 months.

Event Fees

Every event has different requirements and impacts, so different fees can apply. We will let you know what the fees will be, once we have looked through your application.

Income from public outdoor  events supports public infrastructure so event fees cannot be waived. Our Event Assistance Program (EAP) may give funding to some events. These events should have the potential to deliver regional benefits, lessen the impact of seasonality and support and contribute to the growth of tourism.

What happens once your proposal is approved?

When we've processed your application, we will tell the outcome. If it's approved, we will issue an event licence. This licence will detail any conditions necessary to run your event. It will be your responsibility to ensure that every aspect of your event meets these Licence requirements. Penalties may apply if your event does not conform to the Licence conditions.

Note: We recommend that you do not start promoting you event until you receive an Event Licence from us.

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