Quick reference guide: Subdivision Certificate

Prepare all required documents

There are various supporting documents that are required to be lodged with your application for a Subdivision Certificate. These documents are generally:

  • a subdivision plan
  • a copy of the relevant development consent (if a DA was lodged) or a CDC (if permitted under complying development)
  • a copy of any relevant Subdivision Works Certificate or Subdivision Construction Certificate
  • a copy of an operative development consent and evidence of compliance with any conditions required to be fulfilled prior to the issue of a Subdivision Certificate
  • a copy of detailed subdivision engineering plans
  • a certificate of compliance from the water authority (where relevant)
  • evidence that required drainage easements have been acquired from Council (where relevant)
  • additional requirements for subdivisions involving subdivision work
  • evidence of completion of any required subdivision work
  • an agreement has been reached with the relevant consent authority as to payment for the cost of the work and the time for carrying out the work
  • an agreement has been reached with the relevant consent authority as to security to be given to the consent authority with respect to the completion of the work
  • anything else detailed in Clause 157(2) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000.

In addition to the documents referred to in the checklist on this page, you need to also complete:


Make sure you have addressed all of the requirements detailed in the checklist and have your supporting documents ready to upload with your application:

You will need to prepare all of your supporting documents as separate PDFs.

Before you lodge your application it is important that all of your supporting document requirements have been addressed, as you may be charged another portal service fee if you are required to re-submit your application.

Please note that portal service fees are issued by the NSW Government to support the ongoing maintenance and delivery of the NSW Planning Portal. Fees payable through the ServiceNSW gateway may incur a surcharge depending on the payment method.

If you have any queries about portal service fees, please contact ServiceNSW:

  • T:  1300 305 695.

Lodge your application electronically

Once you have prepared your supporting documents, you can lodge your application on the NSW Planning Portal:

Your application will be reviewed by our Development Assessment Team and you will be notified of the outcome. If your application is accepted, you will be issued with an invoice for the application fee.

Pay your application fee

Once you receive an invoice for the application fee, you will need to pay the fee by following one of the payment options detailed on the invoice.

Once a complete application has been received, Council will assess the application and provide a response.

When the application is assessed and approved, a Subdivision Certificate is issued by Council on the final plan of subdivision. This Subdivision Certificate authorises the registration of the plan with NSW Land Registry Services.

We can help you

For assistance using the NSW Planning Portal please contact Service NSW:

If you would like to discuss the details of your application or supporting documents you need to lodge, please contact Council's Development Help Desk: