Level 1 water restrictions

For residents and visitors


  • Sprinklers, micro-spray systems, and unattended hoses
  • Washing hard surface areas (houses, paths, driveways, decks, patios, etc)
  • Washing watercraft, trailers or vehicles at boat ramps is prohibited at all times


Watering gardens and lawns:

  • one hand-held hose or one drip-irrigation system at a time
  • only between 5pm and 10am

Washing private vehicles (cars, boats, bikes and trailers):

  • on grass areas using buckets
  • final rinse with a trigger nozzle hose
  • only between 5pm and 10am

Flushing boat engines:

  • on grass areas

Facilities at boat ramps:

  • fish cleaning and boat engine flushing only

Private swimming pools and external spas (new and existing):

  • top up or fill using a hand-held hose only between 5pm and 10am
  • cover when not in use.

Water restrictions for residents and visitors relate to outdoor water use only. The more water we save now, the slower the dam levels will decrease.

Variations for commercial, industrial and public services

All businesses:

  • washing hard surfaces (buildings, paths, driveways, parking areas, etc) is banned

Caravan parks, motels and other accommodation houses:

  • one hand-held hose can be used between 5pm and 10am for all outdoor water use

Sporting grounds:

  • sprinkler systems permitted for playing surfaces between 5pm and 10am

Bowling greens, turf wickets and golf club greens:

  • sprinkler systems permitted between 5pm and 10am

Public or commercial swimming pools:

  • sprinklers permitted for grass areas within the pool enclosure between 5pm and 10am
  • top up pools as required

Schools and day care centres:

  • Watering gardens and lawns
    • one hand-held hose or one drip-irrigation system between 5pm and 10am
    • sprinkler systems permitted for sports ground playing surfaces between 5pm and 10am
    • micro-spray systems and unattended hoses are not permitted

Commercial market gardens and nurseries:

  • sprinkler systems permitted between 5pm and 10am

Car yards, public passenger bus services, taxi companies:

  • no conditions apply

Commercial car wash:

  • no conditions apply

Commercial window and building washing:

  • no conditions apply

Commercial building construction and related activities:

  • no conditions apply

Road construction and maintenance:

  • water-filling stations are available to Council’s Works Division where bore water or recycled effluent water is not available

Heavy vehicle and machinery cleaning:

  • Council vehicles to be cleaned using recycled water at treatment plants

Emergency services:

  • water-filling stations will remain available to emergency services at all times