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Development includes building, renovating, demolishing, tree removal, subdividing land, the display of advertising or changing the use of a building or land. If you are considering development, you may need to lodge a Development Application (DA) with Council to seek consent to carry out this development. As part of the application process, Council will assess the likely impacts of your development and ensure that the proposal complies with relevant legislation.

You may also need other formal approvals for certain parts of your development such as the installation of a solid fuel heating applicance, a new stormwater connection, driveway crossing or the installation of a relocatable home, annexe or associated structure on a dwelling site in a caravan park.

Types of development

There are different types of development - exempt, complying or development which requires a Development Application.

Do I need approval?

A DA is not always necessary. You might be able to undertake your development as exempt, which does not require approval, or complying development.

The development process

This page explains the development process in detail and the various steps that your DA will go through before it is determined.

The subdivision process

There is a four step process involved with subdivisions. The subdivision process is explained in detail on this page.

Other approvals and permits

You may need other formal approvals for certain parts of your development such as a new stormwater connection or the installation of a solid fuel heating appliance.

Pre-lodgement services

We can provide preliminary advice on planning matters associated with properties and development proposals before you start work on your DA.


Council and the NSW Government have a variety of electronic planning services available, providing you with a fast and convenient way to access planning and development information.

Vegetation/tree removal

This page provides the steps involved in order to check whether an approval, permit or licence is needed to remove trees/vegetation.