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Coast and waterways

Local councils are responsible for managing the risk to people, towns and infrastructure from coastal hazards. This involves reducing or avoiding damage caused by coastal storms such as erosion of beaches, inundation from storm surges and longer-term processes such as sea level rise. Council is working on a Coastal Management Program which, when completed, will be the primary tool for managing these hazards.

Eurobodalla Shire Council also has a responsibility to our community to preserve the coast for its natural beauty and the contribution it makes to our economy and lifestyle, and to ensure settlements are resilient to natural coastal hazards.

Council is working on a number of coastal and flood planning projects to identify and address management issues in the coastal zone, including:

  • managing risk to people
  • preserving coastal ecosystems and natural coastal amenity
  • encouraging community use and enjoyment
  • maintaining public access to our beaches, headlands and foreshores
  • managing risk to public buildings and infrastructure
  • managing risk to private property
  • balancing each of the above by providing development and economic opportunities.

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For more information, contact Council's Coastal Management Planner, Cameron Whiting: