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Parking, pathways, and traffic

There is a range of on-street and off-street parking throughout the Eurobodalla.

All our parking is free, however some locations have time restrictions. We encourage drivers to check the information on parking signs prior to leaving vehicles.

Mobility Parking Scheme permits

Holders of Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permits can park for additional time in sign-posted timed on-street parking spaces and car parks operated by Council.

These additional times are:

  • in parking zones of more than 30 minutes - the vehicle can park for an unlimited amount of time
  • in 30 minute parking zones - the vehicle can park for up to 2 hours
  • in parking zones of less than 30 minutes - the vehicle can park for a maximum of 30 minutes.

MPS permit holders can stop in a No Parking zone for up to 5 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers or goods as long as the driver remains within three metres of the vehicle.

No charge applies for MPS permit holders in metered parking zones. There is no metered parking in the Eurobodalla.

MPS permits do not allow a vehicle to stand or park in areas signposted:

  • no stopping
  • taxi zone
  • bus zone
  • loading zone
  • work zone
  • clearway.

Pedestrian access and mobility plans (PAMP)

A PAMP provides a framework for developing pedestrian routes or areas identified by the community as important for enhanced, sustainable safety, convenience and mobility. PAMPs are developed through partnerships between Council and the NSW Government, developers and other stakeholders.

Eurobodalla Pathways Strategy 2017

The Eurobodalla Pathways Strategy 2017 was adopted by Council at the meeting of 27 June 2017.

The Eurobodalla Pathways Strategy 2017 identifies pathways worth approximately $11.7 million. Council has allocated $3.5 million in its ten year long term financial plan for the provision of pathways and actively seeks grants, works pro-actively with community groups and landowners to maximise the outcomes delivered to the community.

The Eurobodalla Pathways Strategy 2017 includes a point score system to assist in prioritising works. The final priority of works may be influenced by factors such as available grants, community contributions and integration with other works.

Visit our Current works page to find out about our latest pathway projects.

Transport network plans

Transport network plans set out the major actions and strategies for the next 10-20 years on all major transport routes. They outline the proposed changes to the local and regional road network required to facilitate growth and provide improved integration of pedestrian and cyclist movement between and within villages.

The Transport Network Plan - Northern Area Eurobodalla was adopted by Council on 26 October 2021.

Council's Infrastructure Services team is in the process of preparing a transport network plan for the southern area of Eurobodalla.

Traffic studies