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Preliminary advice and pre-lodgement meeting

We offer a free development service to help you understand planning controls and the development assessment process.

We can provide preliminary advice on planning matters associated with properties and development proposals before you start work on your Development Application (DA).

The purpose of pre-lodgement advice is to provide you with an opportunity to seek information, and for Council officers to discuss key issues relevant to the assessment of your proposal, prior to lodging a DA.

If you have a large or complex proposal that may need more detailed advice, you can arrange a meeting with Council's pre-lodgement panel. We recommend that you use this panel rather than the Development Help Desk service for any large or complex proposal, particularly if you would like a written advice before you lodge any Development Application.

You can request a pre-lodgement meeting by completing the following form:

One of the advantages of attending a pre-lodgement meeting in the early stages of preparing a DA is that issues can be identified and information can be provided to Council to address these issues, which means a faster approval for you.

Use the NSW Planning Portal: From 1 July 2021

Applications such as development applications and post-consent certificates must be lodged via the NSW Government's Planning Portal. From 1 July 2021 the NSW Planning Portal is the only way you can lodge these applications.

Help for businesses

If you are setting up or expanding a business, Council's Business Development Team can help you develop your business concept before you lodge your Development Application.

We can help you

If you would like to obtain preliminary advice on your development proposal, or if you would like to make an appointment for a pre-lodgement meeting, please phone our Development Help Desk:

  • T: 02 4474 1231
  • E: Council's Development Help Desk
  • visit our customer service centre at the corner of Vulcan Street and Campbell Street, Moruya, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm.