Heritage Advisory Committee

Established in 2000, the purpose of the Heritage Advisory Committee is to advise Council staff, the Heritage Advisor and the Council on matters relating to the ongoing implementation of the Heritage Strategy.

The committee's objectives are:

  • To support Council to advancing the aims of the Heritage Strategy and in the development and implementation of strategies, policies and programs related to heritage conservation.
  • To promote the natural, cultural and historic heritage of the Eurobodalla and to ensure it continues to develop a strong sense of place and identity.


The Committee shall consist of the following voting representatives:

  • Two councillors
  • Three delegates representing each of the three district historical societies
  • The chairperson of the Eurobodalla Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • Three community representatives

Staff from Council and Council's Heritage Advisor will attend to provide technical advice and guidance but will not have voting rights on the committee.

Terms of Reference

Contact us

For more information please contact the Strategic Planner (Heritage) Steve Halicki.