Directors, divisional and corporate managers

Community, Arts and Recreation

  • Director: Kathy Arthur
  • Divisional Manager, Community Development and Participation: Kim Bush
  • Divisional Manager, Recreation Services: Carl Ginger


Planning and Environment

Finance and Corporate Services

  • Director: Stephanie Speedy
  • Chief Financial Officer: Jacqueline Sullivan
  • Corporate Manager, Governance and Administrative Services: Vacant
  • Corporate Manager, Information and Communication Technology: Ayman Essmat
  • Divisional Manager, Property and Commercial Services: Andrew Greenway

General Manager's Office

  • General Manager: Warwick Winn
  • Executive Manager Coordination and Communications: Kellee Pisanos
  • Corporate Manager, People and Safety: Julie-Anne Hoban
  • Acting Divisional Manager, People and Safety: Sarah Biglia
  • Legal Counsel: Kate Stevenson