Delivery Program and Operational Plan

This plan combines Council's Delivery Program 2017-22 and Operational Plan 2021-22. Together they show how Council will contribute to delivering on our community’s vision and objectives outlined in the 2017 Community Strategic Plan - One Community:

The Delivery Program 2017-22 sets out activities that Council will complete in a five year period which is aligned to a Council term, along with measures to track our progress in achieving the activities.

The Operational Plan 2021-22 shows the actions, projects and capital works that Council will deliver in the year and also includes:

  • the 2021-22 budget and capital program
  • information on rates and the revenue policy
  • the 2021-22 fees and charges.

2021 review

Council’s next Delivery Program 2022-25 will be developed in conjunction with the upcoming review of its Community Strategic Plan, scheduled for late 2021.

To guide this process, Council has developed a Community Engagement Strategy to outline when and how Council will have this important conversation with the community.



More information

For more information please contact Corporate Analyst Amber Pollard: