The Council is a body of nine members who are elected for a four year term* to carry out duties under the provisions of the Local Government Act and Regulations. The Mayor is popularly elected every four years* and the Deputy Mayor is elected every two years by the members of the Council. The Mayor represents Council when it is not in session.

*The NSW Government determined that this term of Council will be shorter than usual due to the election being postponed for COVID safety. To realign the election cycle, this term of Council runs until September 2024.

The current Council was elected in December 2021 and held their first Council Meeting on 8 February 2022. The elected body is supported by a team of Council staff who are responsible for bringing the policies and changes into effect.

Mayor Mathew HatcherMayor Mathew Hatcher

Councillor Alison Worthington Councillor Alison Worthington, Deputy Mayor

Councillor Tanya Dannock Councillor Tanya Dannock

Councillor Pete Diskon Councillor Peter Diskon

Councillor David Grace Councillor David Grace

Councillor Tubby Harrison Councillor Tubby Harrison

Councillor Anthony Mayne Councillor Anthony Mayne

Councillor Rob Pollock Councillor Rob Pollock OAM

Councillor Amber Schutz Councillor Amber Schutz

Share your ideas

You can talk with councillors at:

You can present to councillors at:

  • Public Forum - held before each Council Meeting, this is an opportunity to speak to the Council about any business on the agenda.
  • Public Access - held on the first Tuesday of each month, this is an opportunity to present to the Council on any Council-related matter.

You can write to councillors at:

Correspondence received at these generic addresses will be distributed by Council's records staff to the councillors and staff specified by the sender. All correspondence or emails sent to Council addresses become official records.