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Endangered ecological communities

Endangered ecological communities (EECs) are plant communities under threat from a range of activities. These communities are listed in the same way as threatened species.

The Recognition and Management of Endangered Ecological Communities in the South East Corner of NSW Report provides more comprehensive information about the recognition and management of EECs found in the southern NSW coastal region:

Coastal SaltmarshCoastal Saltmarsh

Maps of potential EECs

You can access maps for relevant areas that may contain EECs on our GIS mapping tool. This tool has been designed to display various mapping layers, including the layer for potential EECs. To turn on the 'potential EECs' layer on the tool, expand the 'environmental features' layer on the left side of the screen, then tick the 'potential EEC' layer:

EEC profiles

There are 12 EECs that can be found in Eurobodalla Shire. You can view profiles of the endangered ecological communities of the south east corner of NSW via the Office of Environment and Heritage website. The profiles include the location of each species and the threats being faced.

Grassland and forest communities

Floodplain communities

Other coastal communities

Other communities

More information

Find out more about Endangered Ecological Communities on the Department of Planning and Environment's website.

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