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Threatened ecological communities

The Eurobodalla supports a rich diversity of native vegetation and Ecological Communities (ECs). ECs are groups of plants, animals and other organisms interacting in a unique habitat. They are very important as they:

  • provide the soil's nutrients
  • provide natural management of clean air and water
  • protect against erosion and salinity
  • contribute to the tourism and recreation industries
  • have strong cultural significance for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
  • provide a healthy environment for threatened species.

An EC can be at risk of extinction and considered threatened if there is a major decline in its distribution or ecological function. This can occur due to threatening processes.

TECs are listed in the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act) and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. Criteria for these categories depends on the level of threat and extinction risk of the EC.

Maps of threatened ecological communities

You can access maps of areas in the Eurobodalla Local Government Area (LGA) that shows potential TECs. This mapping is available on our GIS mapping tool. We've designed this tool to show different mapping layers, including the layer for potential TECs. To turn on the 'potential TECs' layer on the tool:

  1. expand the 'environmental features' layer on the left side of the screen
  2. tick the 'potential EEC' layer.

Access our GIS mapping tool

These maps show an indicative distribution of TECs in the Eurobodalla LGA. You should not solely rely on them for environmental assessment and approval processes.

You will need to ground truth to confirm the presence of a TEC for site-based projects, planning or investment decisions.

Profiles of threatened ecological communities

The Eurobodalla has 12 known TECs. You can view the TEC profiles of the south east corner of NSW. The profiles include the TEC description, distribution, habitat and ecology, and threats they face.

Management of threatened ecological communities

TECs are managed under the Savings our Species (SoS) Program. The NSW Government's Threatened Ecological Communities Strategy outlines how the SoS Program develops conservation strategies to ensure the survival of TECs.

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