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The Job Shop

Welcome to the Job Shop! This program provides access to training and job opportunities to help people in Eurobodalla secure employment.

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As part of our Employment Revolution project, we aim to:

  • connect job-seekers with employment and fee-free training opportunities
  • facilitate career pathway planning
  • provide job readiness support such as resume writing and interview preparation
  • provide information regarding apprenticeships, traineeships, school based apprenticeships and workforce development.

This is a free service for people and businesses in Eurobodalla. This project is funded by the NSW Government.

For businesses

Join the Employment Revolution and support local young people by providing opportunities to work for your business.

For job seekers

Find out about job vacancies and training opportunities in Eurobodalla, and get useful tips to help prepare your resume and job application.

Helpful links

Looking for more information? The following are some helpful websites that can help employers and young people plan for the future:

  • Skillsroad: This website has resources for young people, parents, teachers and employers. Take the Career Quiz, explore industries in the Virtual Workplace, take the Job Fit test or read about Life Hacks for the future.
  • Job Outlook: Job Outlook can help young people find out about future outlook, pay and main tasks of careers they are interested in. The Career Quiz can help you decide what kind of job will suit your personality and skills set. You can even follow the link to job vacancies and courses related to your chosen field of employment.
  • Job Jumpstart: This website can help you find new ways to explore careers and prep for work by reading articles and using the tools provided. The information fits into three themes; looking for a job, building a career and at work.
  • Department of Education, Skills and Employment: A comprehensive resource for both employers and job seekers! The website provides information about hiring staff, financial incentives, starting your own business and becoming an apprentice.

Get involved

If you’re a business looking to employ someone or if you’re a young person seeking employment please contact Rhonnie or Amy from the employment team: