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Water restrictions

  • Current: Water restrictions are currently not in force in the Eurobodalla Shire.

Permanent water conservation measures are in effect until further notice.

Permanent water conservation measures

To ensure our future water supply and avoid the introduction of water restrictions, it is important to conserve water at all times throughout the year.

Council recommends households and businesses adopt the following outdoor-use water practices during permanent water conservation measures:

  • Use water between 4pm and 10am only, using hand-held hoses, drip-irrigation systems, fixed sprinklers or micro-spray systems.
  • Only wash hard surfaces (paths, decks, driveways) with a trigger-nozzle hose when cleaning up after dangerous spills, prior to painting, or removing growths of algae or moss.
  • Wash private vehicles, boats and flush motors on grass areas where possible using buckets and a final rinse with a trigger nozzle hose at any time.
  • Cover private swimming pools and external spas when not in use.
  • Washing boats and trailers at boat ramps is always prohibited.

For more information phone 1800 441 070.

How water restriction levels are determined

Eurobodalla enjoys a healthy water supply most of the time, however, when river flows reduce during drought conditions the level of our water storage in Deep Creek Dam also drops.

Clause 137 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 allows for restrictions to be imposed if Council deems it necessary. Council’s Water Restrictions Policy 2017 works in accordance with the Eurobodalla Water Supply Drought Management Plan, which was developed by Council and NSW Public Works in accordance with the NSW Government Best Practice Guideline.

During times when Eurobodalla is relying solely on Deep Creek Dam for its water supply, we will carefully monitor its levels and will introduce different water restrictions in accordance with dam level triggers. The General Manager or Director Infrastructure Services may vary the adopted trigger levels after taking into account seasonal water demand variations, river flows and the medium or long-term weather forecast. The severity of the restrictions will increase as the water level drops in the dam.

We will let the community know about changes to the level of water restrictions on this page, through local newspapers, radio, social media, Council newsletters and signage throughout Eurobodalla. Water restrictions are enforceable and apply to all water users in the Eurobodalla, including residents, visitors and businesses.