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Water restrictions

  • Current: Permanent water conservation measures are in place.

Permanent water conservation measures

To help make sure we have enough water in the future and to reduce the need for water restrictions, it is important to conserve water throughout the year.

We encourage residents, visitors and business operators to follow these outdoor water practices when permanent water conservation measures are in place:

  • Use water between 4pm and 10am only (5pm and 10am during daylight saving), using hand-held hoses, drip-irrigation systems, fixed sprinklers or micro-spray systems.
  • Only wash hard surfaces (paths, decks, driveways) with a trigger-nozzle hose when cleaning up after dangerous spills, prior to painting, or removing growths of algae or moss.
  • Wash private vehicles, boats and flush motors on grass areas where possible using buckets and a final rinse with a trigger nozzle hose.
  • Cover private swimming pools and external spas when not in use.
  • Washing boats and trailers at boat ramps is always prohibited.

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