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Eurobodalla water supply

Eurobodalla has three major catchments; Clyde, Tuross and Moruya all collecting rainfall flowing from the eastern slopes of the Great Dividing Range. Water sourced from the Deua and Tuross Rivers make up Eurobodalla’s town water supply.

  • The Deua River rises within Deua National Park in thickly forested ranges south of Braidwood. It flows generally southeast and is joined by 14 minor tributaries before becoming the Moruya River near Kiora. With a catchment area of over 1,500 square kilometres, the river descends more than 600 metres on a 139-kilometres course. The lower reaches of the river are called the Moruya River, while the freshwater reaches are called the Deua River. Water from the Deua River is pumped into our off-river reservoir Deep Creek Dam.

  • The Tuross River rises on the western edge of Wadbilliga National Park, not far from Cooma. It flows generally east and is joined by 14 tributaries including the Back and Wadbilliga Rivers, before spilling into Tuross Lake. With a catchment area of over 2,000 square kilometres the river descends 1,170m over its 147km course. Water  from the Tuross River is pumped to our Southern Water Treatment Plant.

Deep Creek Dam

Water is pumped from the Deua River into Deep Creek Dam. The water is stored in the dam until it is processed in our water treatment plant. Once it is safe to drink the water enters Eurobodalla's reticulation system.

  • Deep Creek Dam is near Mogo and is open to the public for viewing, walking and mountain biking. To get there, turn off the Princes Highway at the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens, continue past the gardens and on to the dam viewing area.

  • The dam has a catchment of 320 hectares and a capacity of 4900 million litres. It has a surface area of 54 hectares and a maximum depth of 27 metres. A spillway operates when the dam is near full and heavy rain occurs. The water in this storage facility is sourced from the Deua River.

  • The dam was built in 1983. In 2009/2010 five SolarBee™ aerators were installed in the dam to reduce algal bloom, improve overall water quality and reduce aeration costs. Replacing the aerators previously used in the dam with five SolarBees resulted in a 68% savings in Council’s annual electricity cost.

Southern Water Supply Storage

Deep Creek Dam has been considered a sufficient water supply, however work on a second storage facility is underway in the southern part of the shire to ensure we have plenty of water well into the future.

Surf Beach Stormwater Detention Basin

Surf Beach Stormwater Detention Basin is a section of the George Bass Drive embankment that serves to detain stormwater runoff on the western side. A 54 ha catchment contributes stormwater runoff into the basin’s storage. The flood water storage release is controlled by a large pipe through a grated inlet on the upstream embankment batter toe. The pipe continues under the embankment to the east and eventually drains out of a grassed outlet.

Safety standards reports

Section 14 (4) of the Dams Safety Act 2015 requires declared dam owners to publish reports demonstrating the owner’s compliance with the dams' safety standards. You can find out more about NSW Government Dam Safety legislation and download our most recent safety reports:

More info

Watch this video to learn more about the journey of Eurobodalla’s water supply from the catchment through to treatment and delivery to homes and businesses.