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South coast weeds

The broad definition of a weed is a plant growing outside its natural environment that has some sort of adverse impact.

The majority of weeds are from overseas, but some native Australian plants can also become weeds within Australia. Whatever their origin, they spread when they arrive in an environment that is favourable to their growth. This is often because the weed has left natural pests and diseases behind when it moved to a new environment.

By finding out about weeds, how to identify them, and alternatives to plant, you can help to prevent the spread of weeds in your garden.

You can also use the NSW Weed Wise site to help identify weeds by their characteristics.

Find out about weeds

Biosecurity matter (weeds)

Weed invasion is a significant threat to some types of native vegetation. Find out the difference between declared weeds, environmental weeds, and why weeds matter.

Weed-control at home

Find out about different weed control methods, when to use herbicides and handbooks to help identify weeds.

Common garden escapees

Many environmental weeds have escaped from gardens into the bush. Find out which species to avoid, and what to plant instead.

Native plants as weeds

A 'native weed' may seem like a contradiction, but there is no difference in the impact made by a plant that gets out of a garden and into the bush, whether it comes from overseas or somewhere in Australia.

Council weed control programs

Council weed control programs aim to ensure that all Eurobodalla landholders can manage locally threatening weeds and meet their biosecurity requirements.


Take a look at some of the challenges around managing weeds following the 2019-20 bushfires, and the action you can take if weeds are found on your property.

More information

If you need more information about weeds, please contact Council's Invasive Species Supervisor, Paul Martin, on: