Councillor Professional Development

Attendance at conferences

Council has a commitment to continuing professional development for Councillors. Attendance at sector conferences provides Councillors with new skills and knowledge on particular issues to ensure they can perform their duties and represent residents to the best of their ability.

Conferences also provide the opportunity to network and advocate with councillors from other local government areas.

Section 1.4.4 of the Councillor Professional Development, Expenses and Facilities Policy states that Councillors attending training, seminars and conferences are to provide a detailed report to Council on the outcome and issues.

Where there are a number of Councillors attending the same conference, a joint report is acceptable. Councillors not meeting the criteria without reasonable explanation may not receive priority or opportunities for future events.

More information can be found in Council's Councillor Professional Development, Expenses and Facilities Policy:

2023 Councillor Delegate Reports

Councillor training

  • Councillor onboarding
  • ICAC Corruption training
  • Declaring conflicts of interest
  • Governance overview:
    • Code of Meeting Practice
    • Code of Conduct
  • Risk and Audit Risk and Improvement Committee
  • Financial management & project budget training
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Cultural Awareness training
  • Diversity Training
  • Social Media Training
  • Pre-election candidate sessions