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Building records search

If you are buying a property, a building records search can provide a helpful summary of the building and development approvals that Council holds for that property. This summary includes:

  • the approval number and date of determination of any Building Applications, Construction Certificates or Development Applications
  • the date of final inspection (final approval)
  • details of any Building Information Certificates that have been issued for the property
  • details of any survey(s) held on file.

A physical inspection of the property is not included; or advice that a building does or does not comply with the Building Codes, Standards or approved plans.

The building records search does not include copies of plans, reports or certificates. However, copies of these documents may be available, subject to verified written owner consent (non-owner) and copyright laws.

If you are looking to see if you can build a house on a rural block, you will need to apply for a dwelling entitlement search.

Applying for a building records search

You can apply for a building records search by completing the following application form and paying the relevant fee:

The application can be submitted:

  • by applying online: via our eServices system
  • in person: at Council's customer service centre on corner of Vulcan Street and Campbell Street, Moruya, between 8.30am and 4.30pm
  • by email: Council
  • by post: Eurobodalla Shire Council, PO Box 99, Moruya NSW 2537

You will need to pay your application fee at the time of lodgement.

The building records search is usually processed within 10 working days, once lodged, and will be emailed to the address specified on the application. Alternatively, the building records search can be mailed to you.

Who can apply for a building records search?

Anyone can apply for a building records search, however, conveyancers, solicitors and prospective property owners are the most common applicants.

More information

For more information, contact our Development Help Desk: