Transport and stormwater program

The program outlines the year’s plan for:

  • maintenance grading of unsealed roads
  • renewing and upgrading roads, pathways and stormwater systems.

The work is to:

  • meet community needs and improve safety
  • address network deficiencies and legal requirements
  • provide for future development.

We are currently developing the works program for 2024-25.

We look after approximately 400km of unsealed roads. We grade each road according to a schedule. The schedule will provide a guide for:

  • the extent of works
  • when grading will begin (weather permitting).

Gravel resheeting is placing extra gravel onto unsealed roads. This process can improve the road surface and reduce the need for grading.

We generally gravel resheet unsealed roads every 10 to 15 years. Scheduling depends on ground conditions, rainfall, drainage, terrain, hierarchy and traffic.

We resurface sealed roads to extend the life of the road pavement. It also helps reduce maintenance costs and is important for road safety.

We aim to reseal bitumen roads every 10-15 years and asphalt every 15-18 years.

We regularly inspect the road network. This annual program focuses on treating roads to:

  • manage the risk to the public
  • improve road safety
  • minimise the risk of pavement failure.

We rebuild urban roads to renew and strengthen ageing road pavements. These projects address road conditions and stormwater issues.

Our annual program aims to improve the equity of service across the Eurobodalla.

We try to extend the life of our roads by rehabilitating sections that are deteriorating. Work involves removing soil from under the road and replacing it with more suitable material. We then place a sealed road surface over the top.

We rebuild sections of rural roads to improve road safety and functionality, and to address capacity issues. Developer contributions are often used to fund these projects.

We are continually expanding the network of footpaths and shared pathways. The Eurobodalla Pathways Strategy helps us to identify locations and prioritise new paths.

We will continue to pursue additional grant funding to further supplement pathway works.

We install infrastructure to manage urban stormwater runoff. We design systems to provide positive outcomes for the local environment and community.

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