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Secondary school

Secondary school is the perfect time to expand your understanding about the environment and your place in it.

On this page you'll find some of the activities and excursions available to secondary students and classes. Council staff can also arrange tailor-made workshops or activities to suit specific topics, these programs are just a small sample of the programs available!

Get in touch with us to arrange an excursion or another fun educational program.

Marine debris programs

Debris clean-up and data collection

Students will learn: how to conduct marine debris clean-ups using the Australian Marine Debris Database (AMDI); why it is so important to record the debris being collected; and how we can work together to prevent the debris from entering the marine environment.

Australian Microplastic Assessment Project

The Australian Microplastic Assessment Project (AUSMAP) is a nationwide citizen science project and is designed to document and analyse microplastics in our waterways, which allows us to see the scale and nature of this growing problem.


Northern water filtration plant excursion

Students will tour Council’s Northern Water Filtration Plant and experience first-hand, the processes and stages involved in the treatment of Eurobodalla Shire’s water supply, from the commencement of treatment to the final stage of consumption. The tour also includes a viewing of, and discussion about, Council’s ‘catchment model’, which demonstrates how our activities on the land directly affect our water quality.

Students need to be accompanied by a suitable ratio of school staff and will be escorted by Council staff at all times.

Sewage treatment plant excursions

Students can tour either of Council’s sewage treatment plants located at Moruya or Kianga. Students will learn about the different stages of treating Eurobodalla’s liquid waste, and will have the opportunity to experience the processes involved in each stage.

Students need to be accompanied by a suitable ratio of school staff and will be escorted by Council staff at all times.

Geography and science excursions

These excursions give our local students the opportunity to see what local government does to protect our coastal lands and many estuaries.

We can help you

For more detailed information on the above programs and excursions, please contact Council’s Environment Education Officers: