Managing Community Land

Part of our role in local government is to manage land set aside for community use. This is the land that makes up our recreation and open space network.

Our two key recreation planning and management tools are plans of management and landscape masterplans.

Hanging Rock, Corrigans Beach and Observation Point reserves

  • Project: Plan of management and landscape masterplans
  • Location: Hanging Rock sporting fields and amenities, Batemans Bay Sailing Club and Remote Control Car Club, Corrigans Beach Reserve and Observation Point, Batehaven
  • Status: Preparing (stage 1)
    Councillors endorsed the draft plan of management on 24 November. The plan is now with Crown Lands, awaiting Crown Lands consent to move to the public exhibition stage.

Developed reserves and facilities

  • Project: Plan of management
  • Location: shire-wide
  • Status: Preparing (stage 1)
    This project is in the preliminary drafting stage.

Natural areas and rndeveloped reserves

  • Project: Plan of management
  • Location: shire-wide
  • Status: Preparing (stage 1)
    This project is in the preliminary drafting stage.

Local governments are responsible for putting in place plans of management for all council-owned community land and state-owned Crown Reserves.

Plans of management ensure clarity about how land parcels set aside for the community can be used, how Council will manage the land, and how improvements will be managed.

These plans can apply to specific parcels of land or to groupings of generic types of land such as sportsgrounds. Plans of management may, but don't necessarily, include a landscape masterplan.

Having these plans in place is required under the Local Government Act 1993 and the Crown Land Management Act 2016. We are working to ensure we have plans of management in place for Crown Reserves and council-owned community land across Eurobodalla.

A landscape masterplan will often sit alongside a plan of management. These diagramatically represent all the infrastructure and landscape elements for specific open spaces or parcels of community land, providing a long-range guide for development.

Landscape masterplans help us balance the needs of users, the broader community and the Council. They also help prioritise improvements and upgrades and can support applications for grant funding.

Adopted plans of management

Plans of management outline how community land is used, managed and improved into the future. Landscape Masterplans provide an aspirational layout design for specific reserves or parcels of community land.

Supporting strategies and policies

Recreation and Open Space Strategy

The Recreation and Open Space Strategy 2018 (ROSS) is Council’s 10 year strategy to ensure facilities and open spaces are well managed and meet a community needs.

Companion Animal Management Plan

Council's Companion Animal Management Plan and the Companion Animals Act 1998 guides pet owners in the use of parks and open spaces.

As of 1 March 2022, the 45 existing State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) have been consolidated into 11 policies.

Any references on this page to any of the amended SEPPs outlined on the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure's website should be replaced with the new applicable consolidated policy.