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Councillors attend a range of committees to share ideas and get feedback to inform Council decisions.

Advisory committees

S355 committees

  • Moruya Showground Management Committee
    No nominations received from Councillors.
  • Kyla Hall Management Committee
    No nominations received from Councillors.
  • Moruya Racecourse Management Committee
    Councillor Rob Pollock (Chair), Councillor Jack Tait

Steering/sunset committees

External committees

  • Community Safety Precinct Committee
    Mayor Liz Innes
  • Eurobodalla Bushfire Management Committee
    Councillor Phil Constable
  • Eurobodalla Local Traffic Committee
    Councillor Anthony Mayne (Chair)
  • Floodplain Management Association of NSW
    Councillor James Thomson, Councillor Jack Tait (alternate)
  • South East Arts (SEA)
    Councillor Lindsay Brown
  • South East Australian Transport Strategy Inc (SEATS)
    Councillor Anthony Mayne
  • South East Regional Academy of Sport
    Councillor Lindsay Brown (appointed Director on the board of the South East Regional Academy of Sport)
  • Canberra Region Joint Organisation (CBRJO)
    Mayor Liz Innes

External committees, Ministerial Appointments

  • Batemans Marine Park Advisory Committee (Ministerial appointment)
    Councillor Jack Tait, Councillor Pat McGinlay (alternate)
  • Gulaga National Park Board of Management (Ministerial appointment)
    Councillor James Thomson, Mayor Liz Innes (alternate)
  • Regional Development Australia, Far South Coast (Ministerial appointment)
    Councillor Rob Pollock (Chair)