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Saving water at home

Every day habits that make a difference

  • Fill the washing machine or dishwasher instead of doing half or not-quite-full loads.
  • Avoid rinsing dishes or other items under a running tap.
  • Turn off the tap when cleaning teeth or shaving.
  • Flush the toilet less.
  • Wash the car less, and only on the grass.
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clear driveways and pathways.
  • Challenge yourself and your household to limit showers to 3 minutes or less.

Outside and in the garden

  • If you have a pool or spa, use a cover to restrict evaporation.
  • Reuse your dishwater in the garden.
  • Only wash your car or boat on the lawn, and only after 5pm and before 10am.
  • Only use a handheld hose for the garden if it is fitted with a trigger nozzle, and only after 5pm and before 10am.
  • Let the lawn go brown during dry seasons.
  • Consider drought tolerant native plants that do not need a lot of water, or group plants with similar needs together.
  • Book a free water-wise and bush-friendly garden visit with our Environment Team to get personalised tips and ideas for your garden.

Around the house

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