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Council meetings

Recent updates related to COVID-19:

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Council meetings are being held via webcast on the internet.

We invite all members of the community to watch the Council Meeting online.

Council meetings are attended by the Mayor, elected councillors, the General Manager and Council's executive staff.

Council’s Code of Meeting Practice provides a framework for the effective conduct of Council meetings and Public Forum sessions:

How to watch the Council meeting online

  • Members of the community can watch the meeting live on the internet using our webcast service 
  • A recording of the webcast is available the following day to watch, generally in the afternoon
  • Outcomes of the meeting can also be viewed in the meeting minutes, available on the Friday following the meeting

How to get involved

  • Members of the public can present to councillors before the meeting at 9.30am about matters on the agenda at the Public Forum session.
  • Members of the public can also present to councillors about matters not on a Council meeting agenda at Public Access sessions, held at 9.15am on determined dates, generally once per month
  • You can also contact councillors by phone or email with issues that can be raised with staff.

Public Forum

Recent updates related to COVID-19:

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Public Forum session scheduled prior to the Council meeting, will be conducted on Zoom.
  • Members of the community wishing to participate in Public Forum must have the necessary technology to connect to Zoom (eg, a computer or device with video and audio capabilities – find out how to get started on the Zoom website).
  • Approved speakers will be provided with the weblink to connect to the Zoom meeting. The Public forum session on Zoom commences at 9.30am, so you will need to be logged into your device and connected to Zoom at that time.
  • If you do not have the necessary technology to connect to Zoom, Council will accept a written copy of your presentation, which will be provided to Councillors along with the approved list of speakers for their information and consideration.
  • If you wish to listen to public forum via Zoom, please contact Council's executive services office to register. A weblink will be provided to the registered listeners to connect to the meeting. Listeners will be required to have their video and microphone turned off at all times.
  • Council understands that this is not an ideal situation, however it is necessary to ensure that Council complies with COVID-19 regulations and restrictions.

The Council will hold Public Forum prior to each ordinary meeting to hear presentations from members of the public on items of business to be considered at the meeting, unless there are no registered speakers. Public Forum will also be held prior to extraordinary Council meetings unless there are no registered speakers.

Public Forum will commence at 9.30am. One hour will be allocated. If there are more speakers than time permits, Council could resolve to extend the Public Forum session by 15 minutes only and potentially limit the number of speakers of up to three to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ any item of business. Speakers will be allowed seven minutes to address the Council.

Presenting at Public Forum

To speak at Public Forum, you must register by email or phone to Council’s executive services office no later than 12pm of the business day prior to the meeting:

  • Identify the item of business on the agenda of the Council meeting the person wishes to speak on, and may state whether they wish to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ the item.
  • Provide a written copy of the presentation to Council by 12pm the business day before the Council meeting, which will be published on Council’s website.

Register by contacting Council’s executive services office:

For more information on how Public Forum is facilitated, please see Council's Code of Meeting Practice: