Register of Public Land (Section 53 Register)

Under Section 53 of the Local Government Act, Council maintains a register of all land vested in it or under its control. For each parcel of land, the register outlines:

  • the name (if any) by which the land is known
  • the address or location of the land
  • the reference to title of the land
  • the name of the owner of the land
  • whether or not the land is Crown land
  • the classification under this Part of the land
  • whether or not there is a plan of management for the land
  • the zoning (if any) of the land under an environmental planning instrument
  • particulars of any agreement (including any lease or licence) entered into by the council with respect to the land.

We are required to keep the register up to date as any of the details listed change.

If you would like to view the register please phone us on 02 4474 1000.