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Building and certification

New SMS plumbing inspection booking service: May 2024

You can now book your plumbing inspections by SMS text. Find out how you can sign-up to start using this service.

This page outlines building and certification-related processes and requirements, including fire safety, pools and spas.

If you're planning on building and your Development Application (DA) is approved (consent issued), you must:

Appoint a Principal Certifier

You will need to appoint a PC before starting any building work. A PC is a registered certifier that oversees the construction or subdivision process. The PC carries out the required inspections throughout the construction period at critical stages. The PC's role is to ensure the development is completed in line with the:

  • conditions of the development consent, approved plans and documents
  • National Construction Code (NCC)
  • any associated restrictions listed on the title of the property.

Once construction is complete

Once building work has finished, your PC will complete final inspections and may issue the Occupation Certificate if you've met all requirements.

Increase to BASIX standards: From 1 October 2023

BASIX standards have increased to help make our homes more comfortable year-round - and we won't need to rely on heating and cooling technology as much. An average house that meets the higher standards will save $1,070 each year on their energy bill.