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Your rates

Rates make up 55% of Eurobodalla Council's funds, and are used to pay for infrastructure and services for the community. This includes construction and maintenance of local roads and bridges, swimming pools and boat ramps, libraries and sporting fields.

Your rates include a General Rate and Environmental Levy. Each of these are made up of two parts:

  1. a base charge, which is the same for all ratepayers
  2. a variable 'rate in the dollar' amount that is based on your land value, which has been calculated by the NSW Valuer General.

These amounts are shown on your Rates and Charges Notice. Your notices also include any other annual charges you incur, such as water, sewerage and garbage collection.

2023-24 rates

This financial year the General Rate and Environmental Levy increased by 3.7% plus a new population growth factor of 1.6 % as approved by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal. This brings the total rate peg for this year to 4.3%. Find out how your rates are calculated and what they pay for:

2023-24 rates

Land in Eurobodalla was revalued in 2022 and the new valuations apply to rates from 1 July 2023. While the value of land has increased significantly - more than doubling in some cases - this does not equate to a similar increase in rates because Council's total general rates income can only be increased by 4.3% in the 2023-24 financial year. Instead, Council has recalculated and reduced our general rate charges to stay within that limit.

Prior to getting your 2023-24 rates you  can estimate your 2023-24 general rates by adding the $569.50 base charge to your individual land-valuation-based charge. The calculation is different for residential, business or farmland properties.

Residential general rates:

Your valuation  x 0.001092 + $569.50 = residential rate

Your valuation  x 0.00004188 + $22.30   = environmental levy

Business general rates:

Your valuation  x 0.005514 + $569.50 = business rate

Your valuation  x 0.00004188 + $22.30 = environmental levy

Farmland general rates:

Your valuation  x 0.000748 + $569.50 = farmland rate

Your valuation  x 0.00004188 + $22.30 = environmental levy

Remember, the environmental levy applies to every property. Other charges - water, sewer and garbage - will also increase, so your general rates estimate does not represent your overall rates bill.

Pensioner rebate

  • If you are eligible for the pensioner rebate it is shown on your Rates and Charges Notice.
  • If it is not on your notice but you think you might be eligible for the rebate, please phone our rates hotline on 4474 1355.

Financial hardship relief

  • If you are experiencing financial hardship and the rated property is your main place of residence, you may be able to apply for hardship relief.
  • To find out if you are eligible, phone us on 4474 1355.

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  • If you have a question about your rates, please phone us on 02 4474 1355.
  • If you have a general Council question or request phone us on 02 4474 1000 or use our online feedback form.