Living in Eurobodalla: A second chance for Brandey

Published: 14 March 2023

Our rangers thought this German Shepherd wasn’t going to get a second chance at life after it was surrendered to Council’s animal shelter.

The five-month-old pup had never been groomed and was spinning non-stop circles inside her pen. Rangers soon figured out she had an ear infection and after a trip to the vet and a strict routine of medication and ear washes, she was on the mend. Her endless spinning, however, had become a habit.

Dogs that turn up at our animal shelter have sometimes been neglected. When we rehome them, lots of patience is needed by new owners as their new pal settles in.

Occasionally dogs are returned to the shelter because they just don’t fit at their new home. But not our spinning German Shepherd. After weeks at the shelter she was lucky enough to meet Batemans Bay’s Suzanne Bliss.

Unfazed by the dog’s behaviour, Suzanne saw the pup needed stability and kindness in her life, and that’s just what she gave her. Suzanne named her new friend Brandey-Bell.

“I treat her with kindness and praise her when she’s done right. She has become my constant companion and I love her to bits.”

It took a while for Brandey to stop spinning and months of grooming to stop her coat from clumping. Suzanne’s patience also helped Brandey overcome her fear of water.

“She has calmed down and is now showing me love too.”

Thanks to the efforts of our rangers and people like Suzanne giving dogs a second chance, most puppers we’ve hosted at our animal shelter in the past five years has been rehomed. And that’s no dog whistle.

We advertise pets for rehoming on our pets webpage and Facebook page.

  • This story was first published in Council’s quarterly newsletter for residents, Living in Eurobodalla. A printed edition is delivered to the shire’s 26,000 households.

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