Proposed new road boundary for Congo

Published: 12 September 2023

Eurobodalla residents can comment on proposed new boundaries for a road in Congo that could provide potential to re-open a northern access to the coastal village.

A short portion of the northern access road that runs through private property was closed by the landowner in November 2021 citing potential liability issues, leaving Congo Road south the single entry and exit to the village.

Residents sought Mayor Mathew Hatcher’s support to reopen a northern access, and since November 2022 Council has been working with Crown Lands to find a solution.

In recent months a “paper road” that runs through the same private property was transferred from Crown Lands to the Council. Council is now the roads authority for the paper road and has commenced the process to identify the boundaries of the public road over the formed “track in use” under sections 18-21 of the Roads Act.

A survey plan has been completed and notice of the proposed road boundaries will be on public exhibition for 28 days from 9am Wednesday 13 September to 10am Thursday 12 October.

Council has written directly to the private landowner and adjacent property owners to provide notice of the proposal and the ability to make a submission to Council. The Congo Community Association and Congo residents on Council’s mailing list will also be informed.

After the exhibition period ends, a report will be made to a Council Meeting to consider any public submissions and decide whether to approve the survey plan, either with or without alteration.

If approved by Council, the survey plan would be lodged with NSW Land Registry Services for registration, and once registered, the boundaries identified by the survey plan become the boundaries of the public road. The road would then need to be graded and nine trees removed before the road may be used by the public.

To view the plan and make a submission, visit from 9am Wednesday 13 September. The plan can also be viewed at Council’s administration building in Moruya during business hours.

Further background information can be found at

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