Chemical container disposal

What is the drumMUSTER program?

drumMUSTER is the national program for the collection and recycling of eligible empty, clean, non-returnable crop production and animal health product chemical containers from manufacturers participating in the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme (IWRS).

Chemical users throughout Australia are encouraged to deliver their empty, clean containers to their local drumMUSTER collection site.

drumMUSTER product is recycled into useful everyday items such as street signs, irrigation piping, plant stakes and outdoor furniture.

Why should I use the drumMUSTER program?

drumMUSTER provides the best solution to the problem of disposing of empty chemical containers. It is cleaner, safer and more cost effective than other disposal methods.

The drumMUSTER program:

  • provides an environmentally responsible solution for chemical users to the problem of disposing their empty chemical containers
  • is cleaner, safer and more cost effective than other disposal methods
  • helps property owners to keep their property clean of potential contamination
  • encourages good farming practice and meets Quality Assurance obligations
  • continues to ensure Australian food safety standards are maintained
  • supports the preservation of the wider environment.

drumMUSTER is the only responsible way to dispose of farm chemical containers. By using the program, chemical users are:

  • limiting farm risk
  • limiting environmental risk.

Do I pay a levy? What does the drumMUSTER logo on a container mean?

Chemical users pay a six cent per litre/kilogram levy when they purchase eligible products displaying the drum muster logo:

drumMUSTER container logo

This means that the products containing this logo are eligible under the drumMUSTER program - the user can deliver the empty, clean containers to one of 814 national collection sites free of charge.

The logo will appear on the container either as a sticker, or embossed onto the wall of the container.

When farmers and chemical users purchase products displaying this logo, they're making a commitment to sound land management practices.

Where are my nearest drumMUSTER collection points and which containers are accepted?

drumMUSTER collects eligible, non-returnable metal or plastic containers above one litre/kilogram and up to 205 litres/kilograms.

If the container does not have a logo, it may be because the manufacturer has opted out of the program and therefore, no levy is being charged. Alternatively, the container does not fall under the drumMUSTER eligibility criteria (ie, not eligible for collection).

Within Eurobodalla Shire, eligible containers are accepted for free at:

  • Surf Beach Waste Management Facility, George Bass Drive, Surf Beach - T: 02 4471 2462
  • Brou Waste Management Facility, Brou Lake Road, Dalmeny - T: 02 4476 8310
  • Moruya Transfer Station, Yarragee Road, Moruya - T: 02 4474 5924.

There are over 800 drumMUSTER collection sites nationally.

Bookings are required for more than 20 containers deposited.

Containers must be:

  • rinsed
  • free of any visible chemical residue
  • clean and dry (including threads and caps)
  • punctured if they are metal
  • free of lids.

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