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Grading schedule for unsealed roads

We maintain approximately 400km of unsealed roads and endeavour to deliver a reasonable level of service.

The grading program takes into account factors impacting on the performance of the road network including traffic, terrain, budget and gravel quality and quantity.

The schedule indicates the extent of roads to be graded and the expected dates grading will begin. It is a guide only may be affected by rain or long dry periods.

The 2023-24 grading schedule was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 June 2023.

Grading schedule for 2023-24

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LocalityRoad Start of grade End of grade Length of grade
1st grade 2nd grade
AkoleleYoungs RoadBermagui Roadgate1.2September 2023 
Batemans BayLattas Point RoadPrinces HighwayLattas Point oyster sheds4.0October 2023May  2024
Batemans BayRotary Driveseal off Kings HighwayHolmes Lookout1.1October 2023May 2024
Batemans BayThe Ridge RoadCatalina Reservoir RoadCatalina Reservoir Road4.5October 2023May 2024
BelowraWoila Creek FiretrailBelowra Roadend4.9January 2024 
BenandarahDonovan Creek RoadOld Princes Highwayforest boundary1.3November 2023 
BenandarahOld Nelligen Roadseal at Kings Highwaysecond creek crossing at Bridge Creek5.0October 2023 
BenandarahSproxtons RoadOld Nelligen RoadTimber Barge Lane0.4October 2023 
BenandarahTimber Barge LaneSproxtons Roadend0.3October 2023 
BenandarahWild Pig Roadforest boundaryend of maintenance0.5November 2023 
BenandarahWindywoppa Roadforest boundaryend of maintenance2.5November 2023 
BergaliaBeashels LaneBergalia Link RoadGate at 180 Beashels Lane1.8September 2023May 2024
BergaliaNoggarula DrivePrinces Highwayend1.5September 2023May 2024
BimbimbieBimbimbie LaneBimbimbie Roadend0.4December 2023 
BingieAlcheringa Lanesealend of maintenance0.7September 2023 
BingieBingie Roadseal at  Kelly Roadpark boundary0.5September 2023March 2024
BingieMullimburra Point Roadseal at dog legPinnacles Close0.7September 2023March 2024
BingieMunjeroo Lanedust sealend of maintenance0.2September 2023 
BingiePinnacles CloseMullimburra Point Roadend0.2September 2023 
BingiePriory Lanesealend of maintenace0.6September 2023 
BodallaBig Rock RoadPrinces Highwayreservoir1.1January 2024 
BodallaBorang Lake RoadHorse Island Roadend of maintenance1.5January 2024 
BodallaBrou Lake RoadBrou Tippark boundary1.4January 2024 
BodallaBumbo Bridge access roadBumbo RoadRedex Road0.3January 2024 
BodallaBumbo RoadsealCrapps Bridge4.3January 2024 
BodallaComerang Farm RoadEurobodalla RoadWidgett Road1.2August 2023 
BodallaComerang Forest RoadEurobodalla Roadend of maintenance2.8August 2023 
BodallaCoopers Island RoadPrinces Highwayend0.8January 2024 
BodallaHorse Island RoadPotato Point RoadHorse Island Bridge3.8August 2023April 2024
BodallaRedex RoadBumbo Roadbridge0.1January 2024 
BodallaWidgett RoadComerang Farm Roadend of maintenance1.3August 2023 
BuckenbowraHanns RoadQuartpot RoadOld Bolaro Road5.5December 2023 
BuckenbowraOld Bolaro RoadMisty Mountain Roadseal at Kings Highway7.5October 2023 
BuckenbowraQuartpot RoadBuckenbowra RoadHanns Road13.9December 2023 
Central TilbaHaxstead Roadcattle gridLittle Lake Cemetery Road0.2September 2023 
Central TilbaLittle Lake Cemetery RoadHaxstead Roadcemetery1.1September 2023 
Central TilbaPunkalla Tilba RoadWagonga Scenic DriveRidge Road7.6July 2023April 2024
Central TilbaRidge RoadBoundary BridgePunkalla Tilba Road1.8August 2023April 2024
Central TilbaSunnyside RoadVictoria Creek Roadseal at Mystery Bay Road2.6September 2023 
CoilaCoila Creek Roadseal at Princes Highwayend of maintenance1.1January 2024 
CongoCongo Roadseal at Congo Creekseal at Congo0.7September 2023 
CorunnaCorunna Point Sports Ground accessMystery Bay Roadpark1.1September 2023 
CorunnaOld Highwayseal north of Ridge Roadseal at Corunna Bridge2.3July 2023April 2024
CurrowanBlack Flat RoadKings HighwayThe River Road10.2October 2023May 2024
CurrowanThe River Roaddust sealseal at Currowan Causeway11.7October 2023June 2024
CurrowanThe Western DistributorKings Highwayshire boundary1.6October 2023 
Deua River ValleyAraluen Roadpark boundary at 2857I Ridge Road17.8September 2023 
Deua River ValleyAraluen RoadPigeon Gullyseal at Stewarts Road34.2February 2024 
EurobodallaCheese Factory RoadEurobodalla Roadend of maintenance0.3September 2023 
EurobodallaReedy Creek RoadEurobodalla Roadnumber 30420.7July 2023 
EurobodallaWaincourt Roadseal at number 97Bullockys Hut Road1.2May 2024 
Guerilla BayBarlings Beach Access RoadGeorge Bass DriveBarlings Beach0.3September 2023 
JeremadraGoldfields DriveOld Mossy Point RoadJeremadra Grove2.2December 2023 
JeremadraJeremadra GroveGoldfields Driveend of maintenance1.7December 2023 
JeremadraOld Mossy Point Roadsealend of maintenance0.6December 2023 
JeremadraOnslow CloseOld Mossy Point Roadend of maintenance0.4December 2023 
KiangaBox Cutting Roadend of maintenanceKianga Forest Road2.2July 2023 
KiangaKianga Forest RoadPrinces Highwaylookout5.3July 2023March 2024
KiangaRifle Range Pit RoadRiverview Roadgravel pit0.9September 2023 
KioraI Ridge RoadHorse Island Bridgeend of maintenance (just past number 105)1.4January 2024 
KioraStewarts RoadAraluen Roadend of maintenance (at number 116)1.1January 2024 
MeringoMeringo Roadseal at Bingie Roaddust seal1.6September 2023May 2024
MogendouraClouts RoadLarrys Mountain Roadend of maintenance2.7September 2023 
MogendouraHawdons Roadcattle gridforest boundary2.8September 2023May 2024
MogendouraLarrys Mountain RoadsealAraluen Road7.0September 2023May 2024
MogendouraMaulbrooks RoadDriveway at number 282seal at number 1534.0September 2023May 2024
MogendouraMeadows Roadsealend of maintenance0.6September 2023 
MogoBuckenbowra RoadPark StreetMullendaree Creek Causeway11.1November 2023 
MogoRunnyford Roadseal at Nelligenseal at  Princes Highway21.1November 2023June 2024
MogoShort  StreetCreek Street (unformed)Forestry0.3November 2023 
MoruyaAeroclub Roadend of sealstart of seal0.2September 2023 
MoruyaBengello Beach RoadwindsockGrant Street4.6September 2023 
MoruyaBrierley Avenuesealend of maintenance0.9January 2024 
MoruyaBushland Roadsealend0.4January 2024 
MoruyaDwyers Creek RoadsealSpring Creek Road0.3September 2023 
MoruyaGuthrie StreetPrinces HighwayMain Street0.6September 2023 
MoruyaMain StreetGuthrie Streetend of maintenance0.1September 2023 
MoruyaMalabar Drivesealend of maintenance0.7January 2024 
MoruyaMoruya Reservoir Roaddust sealreservoir0.8September 2023 
MoruyaNoads DriveNoads Place intersectionCongo Road intersection1.0September 2023May 2024
MoruyaPatons RoadDwyers Creek Roadcreek crossing1.3September 2023 
MoruyaPercy Davis Drivesealeast boundary at number 2800.8January 2024 
MoruyaPhyllis Price Drivesealend2.8December 2023 
MoruyaRyans Creek Reserve RoadRiverside car parkend of maintenance1.0September 2023March 2024
MoruyaSpencer Street (west)ForestryDwyers Creek Road0.3September 2023 
MoruyaSpring Creek RoadDwyers Creek RoadDonkey Hill Road0.2September 2023 
MoruyaSummerhill RoadDwyers Creek Roadend of maintenance0.1September 2023 
MoruyaTurnbulls LanesealHawdon Street0.5September 2023March 2024
MoruyaValley View LaneMollee Roadend of public road0.2September 2023 
MoruyaWindus RoadDwyers Creek Roadend of maintenance0.2September 2023 
MoruyaYarragee Roadreservecar park0.2September 2023 
Moruya HeadsPedro Point RoadsealPedro Point Reserve Road1.2September 2023 
Mystery BayMystery Bay Campground car parkMystery Bay Loop Roadend of maintenance0.1September 2023 
NaroomaCemetery Roadseal at Narooma Cemetery car parkseal at shelter0.1September 2023 
NaroomaHandkerchief Beach car park  0.1September 2023 
NaroomaMount Dromedary Trail (north)Punkalla Tilba RoadNational Park boundary3.7July 2023 
NaroomaNangudga Beach RoadPrinces Highwayend0.6September 2023 
NaroomaOld South Coast Roadseal at number 136end of maintenance0.3July 2023April 2024
NaroomaRinglands RoadFlying Fox Roadnumber 400.4September 2023 
NaroomaShingle Hut RoadWild Horse Creek Roadend of maintenance (number 80)1.0July 2023 
NaroomaWagonga Scenic DriveBox Cutting Roadseal at 7413.7July 2023March 2024
NaroomaWild Horse Creek RoadPunkalla Tilba RoadShingle Hut Road0.2July 2023 
NaroomaWonga RoadOld South Coast RoadOld Highway1.3July 2023April 2024
NelligenBolaro Mountain RoadRunnyford Road2.5km From Runnyford Road2.6December 2023 
NelligenNelligen Creek RoadOld Bolaro Roadend of maintenance (number 140)1.4November 2023 
NelligenParadise RoadOld Bolaro Roadend of maintenance2.3November 2023 
NerrigundahBelowra RoadByrnes StreetWoila Creek Firetrail43.2January 2024 
NerrigundahByrnes StreetBelowra RoadBelowra Road0.2August 2023 
NerrigundahCadgee Mountain RoadNerrigundah Mountain RoadEurobodalla Road2.4August 2023May 2024
NerrigundahEurobodalla Roaddust seal east of Sinclairs BridgeReedy Creek Road16.1August 2023April 2024
NerrigundahNerrigundah Mountain RoadCadgee Mountain Roadseal near Nerrigundah3.3August 2023April 2024
North NaroomaRiverview Roadseal at number 360end of maintenance at Paradise Point0.9September 2023 
RosedaleBevian Roadseal at George Bass Drivedriveway at number 730.7November 2023 
RosedaleBurri RoadsealBevian Road1.2November 2023 
RunnyfordBuckenboura Pump Station RoadQuartpot Roadpump station0.8December 2023 
RunnyfordEgans RoadRunnyford Road272 Egans Road2.7December 2023 
Tilba TilbaMeads LaneMeads Roadend0.2September 2023 
Tilba TilbaMeads RoadPrinces HighwayMeads Lane1.1September 2023 
Tilba TilbaMount Dromedary TrailreservoirThe Avenue0.9September 2023 
TomakinBevian Road (southern access)driveway at number 246George Bass Drive0.2September 2023 
TurlinjahOld Mill Roaddust seal at Princes Highwayforest boundary1.3January 2024 
TurlinjahWestern Boundary Roadsealforest boundary1.1January 2024 
WambanCherryrise RoadWamban Roadgrid0.2September 2023 
WambanDonalds Creek RoadWamban RoadDonalds Creek8.6September 2023 
WambanMymossa RoadDonalds Creek Roadend of maintenance1.1September 2023 
WambanWamban Roadend of sealWamban Creek Bridge1.3September 2023May 2024