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Grading schedule for unsealed roads

We maintain approximately 404km of unsealed roads and endeavour to deliver a reasonable level of service.

The grading program takes into account factors impacting on the performance of the road network including traffic, terrain, budget and gravel quality and quantity.

The schedule indicates the extent of roads to be graded and the expected dates grading will begin. It is a guide only may be affected by rain or long dry periods.

The 2022-23 grading schedule was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 9 August 2022.

Grading schedule for 2022-23

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LocalityRoad Start of grade End of grade Length of grade (km) 1st grade 2nd grade
Akolele Youngs Road Bermagui Road gate 1.2 15/07/2022 
Batemans Bay Lattas Point Road intersection of Princes Highway Lattas Point oyster sheds 4 30/09/202211/05/2023
Batemans Bay Rotary Drive seal off Kings Highway Holmes Lookout 1.1 18/08/202226/04/2023
Batemans Bay The Ridge Road Dog Trap RoadCatalina Reservoir Road3.8 4/10/2022  
Belowra Woila Creek Firetrail (past causeway) Belowra Road end 4.9 29/03/2023  
Benandarah Donovan Creek Road Old Princes Highway forest boundary 1.38/09/2022 
Benandarah Old Nelligen Road Sproxtons Road Bridge Creek (second creek crossing)113/09/2022 
Benandarah Sproxtons RoadOld Nelligen Road Timber Barge Lane 0.418/08/2022 
BenandarahTimber Barge LaneSproxtons Roadend0.318/08/2022 
Bergalia Beashels Lane Bergalia Link Road Gate at 180 Beashels Lane 1.8 19/01/20237/06/2023
Bergalia Noggarula Drive Princes Highway end 1.819/01/202308/06/2023
Bimbimbie Bimbimbie Lane Bimbimbie Road end 0.4 2/11/2022 
BingieAlcheringa Lanesealend of maintenance0.711/07/2022 
Bingie Bingie Road seal at Kelly Road park boundary 0.5 8/07/2022 17/02/2023
Bingie Mullimburra Point Road seal at dog leg Pinnacles Close 0.7 11/07/202217/02/2023
Bingie Munjeroo Lane dust seal end of maintenance 0.2 11/07/2022 
Bingie Pinnacles Close Mullimburra Point Road end 0.2 11/07/2022 
Bingie Priory Lane seal end of maintenance 0.6 8/07/2022 
Bodalla Borang Lake Road Horse Island Road end of maintenance 1.5 1/02/2023 
Bodalla Brou Lake Road Brou Tip park boundary 1.4 13/03/2023 
Bodalla Bumbo Bridge Access Road Bumbo Road Redex Road 0.3 25/01/2023 
Bodalla Bumbo Road seal Crapps Bridge 2.4 17/01/2023 
Bodalla Bumbo Road seal Redex Road 1.3 21/01/2023 
Bodalla Bumbo Road Redex Road seal 0.6 25/01/2023 
Bodalla Comerang Farm Road End seal Eurobodalla Road intersection Widgett Road 1.2 1/02/2023 
Bodalla Comerang Forest Road Eurobodalla Road end of maintenance 2.9 2/02/2023 
Bodalla Coopers Island Road Princes Highway end 0.9 24/01/2023 
Bodalla Horse Island Road Potato Point Road 2.3km from Potato Point Road 2.3 30/01/20239/06/2023
Bodalla Horse Island Road 2.3Km from Potato Point Road Horse Island Bridge 1.5 31/01/2023 
Bodalla Redex Road Bumbo Road Bridge 0.1 25/01/2023 
Bodalla Widgett Road Comerang Farm Road end of maintenance 1.3 2/02/2023 
Broulee Bengello Beach Road Grant Street car park 0.7 1/07/2023 
BrouleeBengello Beach Roadcar park 1.21/07/2023 
Buckenbowra Hanns Road Quartpot Road Old Bolaro Road 5.5 25/10/2022 
Buckenbowra Quartpot Road seal Hanns Road 8 19/10/2022 
Cadgee Eurobodalla Road Murphy Bridge  seal at 2472 1.7 17/02/202320/06/2023
Cadgee Wattlegrove Road seal at Eurobodalla Road seal near house8.210/02/2023 
Central Tilba Haxstead Road cattle grid Little Lake Cemetery Road 0.2 13/07/2022 
Central Tilba Little Lake Cemetery Rd Haxstead Road cemetery 1.1 13/07/2022 
Central Tilba Punkalla Tilba Road Ridge Road last house number 518 1 28/07/202224/04/2023
Central TilbaRidge RoadOld HighwayPunkalla Tilba Road3.721/07/202220/04/2023
Central Tilba Sunnyside Road Victoria Creek Road intersection Seal at Mystery Bay Road 2.6 20/07/202218/04/2023
Coila Coila Creek Road seal at Princes Highway end of maintenance 1.2   
Congo Congo Road seal at Congo Creek seal at Congo 0.38/07/2022 
Corunna Old Highway seal south of Watertank Road Brushgrove Lane (Princes Highway) 1.2 18/07/202217/04/2023
Corunna Old Highway seal at number 613 seal at Corunna Bridge 1.919/07/202217/04/2023
Corunna Old Highway seal north of Ridge Road seal north of Watertank Road 0.7 18/07/202217/04/2023
Currowan Black Flat Road Kings Highway The River Road 10.2 19/08/2022 
Currowan The River Road dust seal seal at Currowan causeway 11.8 26/08/202226/04/2023
Currowan The Western Distributor Kings Highway shire boundary 1.6 19/08/2022 
Deua River Valley Araluen Road Pigeon Gully seal16.414/11/2022 
Deua River Valley Araluen Road park boundary at 2857 seal at 2149 2 24/11/202223/05/2023
Deua River Valley Araluen Road dust seal west of Knowles Road seal south of McGregors Creek 3.925/11/202224/05/2023
Deua River Valley Araluen Road seal at 2149seal at  1885 2.229/11/202226/05/2023
Deua River Valley Araluen Road sealLarrys Mountain Road0.430/11/202229/05/2023
Deua River Valley Araluen Road seal at 1520Larrys Mountain Road 2.130/11/202229/05/2023
Deua River Valley Araluen Road I Ridge Roadseal at 1447 5.11/12/202230/05/2023
Dignams Creek Reedy Creek Road Boundary Bridge Morts Folly Road 3.52/08/2022 
Dignams CreekReedy Creek RoadWild Horse Creek Roadend of maintenance2.33/08/2022 
Eurobodalla Cheese Factory Road Eurobodalla Road end of maintenance 0.3 27/02/2023 
EurobodallaEurobodalla RoadReedy Creek RoadMurphy Bridge620/02/202321/06/2023
EurobodallaEurobodalla Roadseal west of Number 981Reedy Creek Road5.923/02/202323/06/2023
Eurobodalla Reedy Creek Road Eurobodalla Road Number 304 3.1 4/08/2022 
Eurobodalla Waincourt Road seal at 97 Bullockys Hut Road 1.2 28/02/2023 
Guerilla Bay Barlings Beach access road George Bass Drive Barlings Beach 0.44/07/2022 
Jeremadra Goldfields Drive Old Mossy Point Road Jeremadra Grove 2.2   
Jeremadra Jeremadra Grove Goldfields Drive end of maintenance 0.7 1/11/2022 
Jeremadra Jeremadra Grove Old Mossy Point Road Goldfields Drive 1.1 1/11/2022 
Jeremadra Old Mossy Point Road seal end of maintenance 0.6 31/10/2022 
Jeremadra Onslow Close Old Mossy Point Road end of maintenance 0.4 1/10/2022 
Kianga Box Cutting Rd Wagonga Scenic Drive Kianga Forest Road 2.2 5/07/2022 
Kianga Kianga Forest Road Princes Highway Box Cutting Road 4.2 1/07/20223/04/2023
Kianga Kianga Forest Road Box Cutting Road lookout 1.3 5/07/2022 
Kianga Rifle Range Pit Road Hillcrest Avenue intersection gravel pit 0.9 11/07/2022 
Kianga Wagonga Scenic Drive Wagonga Picnic Area Box Cutting Road 6.36/07/2022 
KioraAraluen Roadseal at Stewarts RoadI Ridge Road1.96/12/2022 
KioraI Ridge RoadAraluen Roadend of maintenance (just past number 105)1.45/12/2022 
Kiora Stewarts Road Araluen Road end of maintenance (number 116) 1.1 7/12/2022 
Lilli PilliOld Grandfathers Pit Roaddust seal at George Bass Drivepit gate0.54/07/2022 
Meringo Meringo Road seal at Bingie Road dust seal 1.6 18/01/20236/06/2023
Mogendoura Clouts Road Larrys Mountain Road end of maintenance 2.67/11/2022 
Mogendoura Hawdons Road cattle grid forest boundary 2.8 2/11/202215/05/2023
Mogendoura Larrys Mountain Road seal Araluen Road 7 8/11/202217/05/2023
Mogendoura Maulbrooks Road forest boundary Larrys Mountain Road 2.7 4/11/202216/05/2023
Mogendoura Meadows Road seal end of maintenance 0.6 7/11/2022 
Mogo Buckenbowra Road Park Street basalt quarry access 0.4 7/10/202215/05/2023
Mogo Buckenbowra Road basalt quarry access Quartpot Road 8.2 7/10/2022 
MogoBuckenbowra RoadQuartpot RoadMullendaree Creek causeway2.613/10/2022 
Mogo Maulbrooks Road seal at 153 Driveway at 282 1.3 28/10/2022 
Mogo Runnyford Road Egans Road seal at Princes Highway 8 26/10/20225/05/2023
Mogo Short  Street Creek Street (unformed) Forestry 0.5 7/10/2022 
MoruyaAero Club Roadend of sealstart of seal0.24/07/2022 
Moruya Bengello Beach Road windsock George Bass Drive 0.4 1/07/2022 
Moruya Brierley Avenue seal end of maintenance 0.9 10/08/2022 
Moruya Bushland Road seal end 0.4 10/08/2022 
Moruya Dwyers Creek Road seal Spring Creek Road 0.3 6/07/2022 
Moruya Guthrie Street Princes Highway Main Street 0.6 5/07/2022 
Moruya Kiora Street seal end of maintenance 0.3 6/07/2022 
Moruya Main Street Guthrie Street end of maintenance 0.1 5/07/2022 
Moruya Malabar Drive seal end of maintenance 0.7 18/08/2022 
Moruya Moruya Reservoir Road dust seal reservoir 0.8 17/08/2022 
Moruya Noads Drive Noads Place intersection Congo Road intersection 1 17/01/20236/06/2023
MoruyaNorth Head Camping GroundBruce Cameron Driveend0.11/11/2022 
Moruya Patons Road Dwyers Creek Road creek crossing 1.3 7/07/2022 
Moruya Percy Davis Drive seal east boundary at 280 0.8 9/08/2022 
Moruya Phyllis Price Drive seal end 2.8 8/08/2022 
Moruya Ryans Creek Reserve Road Riverside car park end of maintenance 1 5/07/2022 
Moruya Spencer Street - West of Vulcan St Vulcan Street Dwyers Creek Road 0.3 6/07/2022 
Moruya Spring Creek Road Dwyers Creek Road Donkey Hill Road 0.2 6/07/2022 
Moruya Summerhill Road Dwyers Creek Road end of maintenance 0.1 6/07/2022 
Moruya Turnbulls Lane seal Hawdon Street 0.5 6/07/202217/02/2023
Moruya Valley View Lane Mollee Road end of public road 0.2 7/07/2022 
Moruya Windus Road Dwyers Creek Road end of maintenance 0.2 6/07/2022 
MoruyaYarragee Reserve car park  0.16/07/2022 
MoruyaYarragee Road  0.21/07/2022 
Moruya Heads Pedro Point Road seal Pedro Point Reserve Road 1.2 7/07/2022 
Mystery Bay Mystery Bay Camping Ground car park Mystery Bay Loop Road end 0.1 3/11/2022 
Narooma Handkerchief Beach car park start car park end car park 0.1 13/07/2022 
Narooma Mount Dromedary Trail (north) Punkalla Tilba Road National Park boundary 3.7 29/07/2022 
Narooma Nangudga Beach Road Princes Highway end 0.912/07/2022 
Narooma Old South Coast Road seal at Number 136 end of maintenance 0.3 18/7/202214/04/2023
Narooma Punkalla Tilba Road first house north of forest Number 1044Wagonga Scenic Drive1.625/07/202221/04/2023
Narooma Punkalla Tilba Road last house Number 518first house north of forest Number 1044 5.126/07/2022 
Narooma Ringlands Road Flying Fox Road number 40 0.4 12/07/2022 
Narooma Shingle Hut Road Wild Horse Creek Road end of maintenance (Number 80) 1 25/07/2022 
Narooma Wagonga Scenic Drive dust seal at 117 Wagonga Scenic Drive pontoon 6.9 11/07/20225/04/2023
Narooma Wagonga Scenic Drive seal at 74 dust seal at 117 0.6 15/07/202213/04/2023
Narooma Wild Horse Creek Road Punkalla Tilba Road Shingle Hut Road 0.2 26/07/2022 
Narooma Wonga Road Old South Coast Road Old Highway 1.3 15/07/202214/04/2023
NelligenBolaro Mountain RoadRunnyford Road2.5km From Runnyford Road2.615/09/2022 
NelligenNelligen Creek RoadOld Bolaro Roadend of maintenance (number 140)1.48/09/2022 
Nelligen Old Bolaro Road seal at Kings Highway 220m west of Nelligen Creek Road 3.6 5/09/2022 
Nelligen Old Nelligen Road seal at Kings Highway Sproxtons Road 3.9 9/09/2022 
NelligenParadise RoadOld Bolaro Roadend of maintenance2.37/09/2022 
Nelligen Runnyford Road seal at Nelligen Bolaro Mountain Road (Gollarribee) 3.9 13/09/2022 
Nelligen Runnyford Road Bolaro Mountain Road (Gollarribee) Runnyford Bridge 7.1 19/09/2022 
Nerrigundah Belowra Road Byrnes Street Woila Creek Fire trail (Badja Mountain) 43.1 28/02/2023 
NerrigundahByrnes StreetBelowra Roadseal0.128/02/2023 
Nerrigundah Cadgee Mountain Road Nerrigundah Mountain Road Eurobodalla Road 2.4 16/02/202319/06/2023
Nerrigundah Eurobodalla Road dust seal east of Sinclairs Bridge Nerrigundah Mountain Road intersection 3 8/02/202315/06/2023
Nerrigundah Nerrigundah Mountain Road seal east of Cadgee Mountain Road Seal at Nerrigundah township 56/02/202313/06/2023
North Narooma Riverview Road seal at 360 end of maintenance at Paradise Point 0.9 12/07/2023 
Rosedale Bevian Road seal at George Bass Drive driveway at 73 0.7 7/10/2022 
Rosedale Burri Road seal Bevian Road 1.2 6/10/2022 
Runnyford Egans Road Runnyford Road 272 Egans Road 2.7 23/09/2022 
Runnyford Quartpot Road Buckenbowra Road Buckenbowra pump station access road 5.1 17/10/2022 
Runnyford Quartpot Road Buckenbowra pump station access road seal 0.9 19/10/2022 
Runnyford Runnyford Road Runnyford Bridge Egans Road 2.1 22/09/20224/05/2023
Tilba Tilba Meads Lane Meads Road end 0.2 15/07/2022 
Tilba Tilba Meads Road Princes Highway Meads Lane 1.1 14/07/2022 
Tilba Tilba Mount Dromedary Trail end of Council maintenance The Avenue 0.9 14/07/2022 
Tomakin Bevian Road Southern Access driveway at 246 George Bass Drive 0.2 4/07/2022 
Turlinjah Old Mill Road dust seal at Princes Highway forest boundary 1.3 23/01/2023 
Turlinjah Western Boundary Road seal forest boundary 1.1 23/01/2023 
WambanCherryrise RoadWamban Roadgrid0.25/07/2022 
Wamban Donalds Creek Road Wamban Road Donalds Creek 8.6 11/08/2022 
Wamban Mymossa Road Donalds Creek Road end of maintenance 1.1 17/08/2022 
Wamban Wamban Road seal west of Wamban Bridge seal at 302 1.3 7/12/20222/06/2023
WambanWamban Road Wamban Bridge #21.48/12/20225/06/2023
WoodlandsWoodlands RoadDunns Creek Roadend of maintenance0.64/07/2022