Motor oil disposal

On this page you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions about how to dispose of used motor oil safely.

Why can't I put used motor oil in the garbage?

Millions of litres of used motor oil are improperly disposed of each year in Australia. Used motor oil contains pollutants, including organic chemicals and metals. When disposed of improperly - in the garbage, on the ground or in the sewer system - the pollutants may reach lakes, rivers or the underground water system.

It is illegal to put oil into the sewer system or anywhere on the land, including spreading oil on roads to suppress dust.

What can I do with used motor oil?

You can recycle it - oil is a valuable resource. Recycled motor oil can be burnt as an industrial fuel or cleaned and reused.

How do I recycle used oil?

Pour the used motor oil into a container (the container you bought the new oil in works well), seal and label it, then take it to one of Council's waste management facilities.

Never mix solvents, fuels, petrol or engine coolant with used motor oil. Once contaminated with these products, it is difficult or impossible to recycle used motor oil.

Where can I find a collection centre?

You can drop-off used motor oil at the following waste management facilities, free of charge:

  • Surf Beach Waste Management Facility - George Bass Drive, Surf Beach
  • Moruya Transfer Station - Yarragee Road, Moruya
  • Brou Waste Management Facility - Brou Lake Road, Dalmeny.

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