Batemans Bay Urban Creeks Flood Study

Some parts of the Eurobodalla local government area are more prone to flooding than others, and Council is committed to finding solutions to reduce the social and economic damages that flooding can cause.

With the assistance of the NSW Government, we have prepared Urban Creeks Flood Study, which examines flood behaviour in catchments around seven urban creeks in Batemans Bay.

The flood study uses computer-based models that combine survey data to represent the landform of the catchments and creeks with rainfall and ocean condition data from past flood events. This modelling is used to recreate these events and generate maps that show what different flood events will likely look like. Community observations were then used to calibrate and “truth” these models.

The Study was prepared by Rhelm Australia, with assistance from Council and financial and technical assistance from the NSW Government. The study has been prepared in accordance with the NSW Government's Flood Prone Land Policy, as outlined in the NSW Floodplain Development Manual 2005.

Council resolved to adopt the Batemans Bay Urban Creeks Flood Study at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 27th July 2021 (PSR21/031).

Please note: As of 1 March 2022, the 45 existing State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) have been consolidated into 11 policies.

Any references on this page to any of the amended SEPPs outlined on the Department of Planning and Environment's website should be replaced with the new applicable consolidated policy.

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Local councils are responsible for managing flood-prone land in New South Wales with support from the Department of Planning and Environment, which provides specialist technical knowledge.

Council is developing a range of floodplain risk management studies that will help us consider the consequences of living on flood-prone land. The studies aim to minimise the losses to our community from flooding.

A flood study is a technical project that identifies flood behaviour such as depth, velocity and extent across the floodplain. It includes using historical data from past flood events to calibrate a model that will estimate flood risk from a range of rainfall and storm events. In addition to providing information to the community on flood risk to properties, roads and assets, this information can also be used by property owners to assist them in preparing development applications.

Preparing a flood study is the first step in the floodplain risk management process outlined in the NSW Floodplain Development Manual 2005.

A flood study does not propose any actions to manage flood behaviour. This occurs during later stages of the process, referred to as the Flood Risk Management Study and Flood Risk Management Plan stages.

Community engagement

The draft Batemans Bay Urban Creeks Flood Study was on public exhibition for community feedback until Wednesday 30 June 2021. During the exhibition period we asked for your comments and feedback, which can be used to verify and improve the flood study prior to it being finalised.

We also hosted a drop-in session at Batemans Bay where project staff answered questions and received feedback on the draft study’s findings:

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