Moruya Floodplain Management Plan

The Moruya Floodplain Management Plan was adopted by Council on Tuesday 23 November 2004. We are currently reviewing the plan under the Moruya Flood Study and Flood Risk Management Study and Plan.

Study Area

The Moruya River drains a catchment of around 1,500 square kilometres. The lower catchment of the Moruya River extends 22 kilometres from the coast to Wamban. It comprises the residential areas of Moruya, Mynora, Garlandtown, Moruya Heads and scattered rural communities of Yarragee, Kiora and Wamban.

The floodplain of the lower Moruya River represents low lying land which varies in width from a few hundred metres, upstream of Yarragee, to several kilometres, across Mullenderee flats.


The Moruya Floodplain Management Plan details the nature of flooding, hazard management strategies, implementation of the plan and a revised Development Control Plan for flood-prone areas.

The Moruya Flooding Climate Change Assessment includes mapping on the extent of flooding in Moruya.

More information

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