Batemans Bay Town Centre Structure Plan

A structure plan is a visionary document setting out the strategic planning framework for future development over 25 years. It outlines key elements of an area's future.

Batemans Bay is the main activity centre for Eurobodalla, the focus for increased commercial, tourism and retail development over the next 25 years.

The Batemans Bay Town Centre Structure Plan was developed to direct and manage this increased growth and activity, to ensure that it occurs in such a way that reflects the aspirations of people who live, work and visit the town centre. The aim of this Plan is to build a vibrant and diverse town centre environment for current and future generations.

Community engagement occurred in December 2005 and January 2006, and included community open days and information sessions. Feedback from these sessions was used to improve the Plan.

The Plan was re-drafted and sought to respond to community input by identifying important issues such as:

  • a more diverse residential/accommodation mix
  • identifying where higher structures may be acceptable
  • which areas should be protected from higher densities
  • improving streetscapes and public places
  • improving accessibility, particularly for pedestrians.

The Plan was finalised following community feedback.

Council adopted the final Plan on 22 April 2008.


You can download the Batemans Bay Town Centre Structure Plan in six parts:

Areas included in the Plan

The study area is identified as the Batemans Bay town centre and adjacent industrial areas. The Plan also relates to the immediate residential areas where they interact with the town centre.

The Plan has effect over all land within the town centre.


The purpose of the Plan is to:

  • guide future development
  • set priorities for the provision of new community facilities and services
  • establish a series of project-led initiatives to achieve the community desire for a regional centre
  • outline the character of future development and its contribution to the town environment
  • position Council and the community to move ahead with confidence in the growth of Batemans Bay.

The Plan includes specific direction about planning controls that will allow sensitive development and good design. It includes detail on: streetscape, built form, land-use, traffic and parking, access and mobility.

The Plan is not a legislative document, but the principles within the Plan were used to inform other plans:

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