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Step 2: Do your research

Planning controls

  • You can use our land-mapping tool to access information on your property to help you prepare your DA. This includes zoning, heritage, and development control information.
  • Read our local plans to find out how they will affect your proposal:

Pre-lodgement meeting

Clearing vegetation and development

Building and development on bushfire-prone land

Documents to submit with your DA

You'll need to engage a qualified consultant in bushfire risk assessment to prepare a Bushfire Risk Assessment Report and Bushfire Risk Assessment Certificate. The consultant can also provide advice on what building materials you can use in your development proposal.

Please note, the Bushfire Risk Assessment Report must include:

  • the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) that applies to your property
  • the relevant APZ
  • advice that your development complies with the requirements of Planning for Bushfire Protection 2019 and AS3959-2018
  • plans referenced the same as the plans you submit with your DA.