Bush fire risk management

In an emergency:

  • Phone 000 (triple zero)
  • On mobile phones, phone 112
  • People with hearing or speech impairment, phone 106

Risk management

The Eurobodalla is fortunate to be surrounded by natural bushland. Living in and around such natural beauty requires Council and the community to be aware of the risks associated with bush fires to lessen the threat to life and property.

Under the Rural Fires Act 1997, all land management agencies are required to implement procedures to minimise this threat. Accordingly, we have developed a Bush Fire Risk Management Policy:

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan

Another requirement of the Rural Fires Act 1997 is that every Local Government Area forms a Bush Fire Management Committee (BFMC) and that committee must develop a Bush Fire Risk Management Plan.

Led by the RFS, the Eurobodalla Bush Fire Management Committee prepared a Bush Fire Management Plan in 2019. The Committee comprises representatives from major land management agencies: Eurobodalla Shire Council, Forestry Corporation of NSW, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Crown Lands, volunteer brigade members, firefighting authorities and community representatives.

It is a strategic document that identifies community assets at risk and sets out a five-year program of treatments to reduce the risk of bush fire hazards.

Any inquiries regarding the plan should be directed to the RFS local Fire Control Centre:

  • 02 4474 2855
  • 30 Campbell Street, Moruya

Community protection plans

Community Protection Plans help the community better understand how to prepare for bush fires. These plans are prepared by the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and not all towns and villages will have a plan.

Reporting a bush fire hazard

The NSW RFS is responsible for inspecting bush fire hazards, providing advice and when necessary, issuing notices to landowners to reduce hazards.

If there is a bush fire hazard near your property, contact the Eurobodalla Fire Control Centre:

  • NSW Rural Fire Service - Far South Coast
    Eurobodalla Fire Control Centre
    30 Campbell Street
    MORUYA  NSW 2537
    Phone: 02 4474 2855

Or lodge an on-line report on via NSW RFS

If we receive a written bush fire hazard complaint, we will refer the complaint to the Eurobodalla Fire Control Centre on your behalf.

Preparing your property for the bush fire season

While the management of fuel loads on public land is an important aspect of bush fire mitigation, a well prepared home with an adequate and well maintained asset protection zone is a key element in defence against loss or damage as a result of bush fire.

We recommend all Eurobodalla property owners take appropriate action to prepare their property for bush fire. Contact the NSW RFS for information about preparing your property, compliance with hazard reduction and fire permit conditions prior to undertaking any works.

For comprehensive information on planning and preparing for a bush fire contact the NSW RFS, Eurobodalla Fire Control Centre or visit the NSW RFS website.

10/50 Vegetation Clearing

10/50 Vegetation Clearing laws are now in place which help people to prepare their homes for bush fires in NSW. The laws allow people in a designated 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement Area to:

  • clear trees on their property within 10 metres of a home, and
  • clear underlying vegetation such as shrubs (but not trees) on their property within 50 metres of their home.

Conditions may apply to approvals so please check if your property in a designated 10/50 vegetation clearing entitlement area

Neighbourhood Safer Places

A Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP) is an identified building or space within the community that can provide a place of last resort in a bush fire emergency. NSP's still involve some element of risk, such as travelling to them and while sheltering in them and cannot be considered completely safe.

  • For a list of Neighbourhood Safer Places in the Eurobodalla, visit the NSW RFS website.

Latest fire updates

Get the latest information via your mobile device with the Hazards Near Me NSW app.

A number of websites provide up-to-date information on any current fires:

Useful resources

The following websites provide more information on how to plan and prepare for bush fires:

More info

For further details about bush fire management on Council managed lands in the Eurobodalla, please contact our Fire Mitigation Officer, Rhiannon Mann: