Save water and energy at work

Business water-saving program

Council offers free installations of certain water-saving devices for businesses. These include:

  • hose spray guns
  • pre-rinse spray gun heads
  • tap flow restrictors
  • showerheads.

You are eligible for the program if:

  1. you are a business or organisation located in the Eurobodalla
  2. the property is supplied by Council's mains water.

The program does not apply to new buildings or renovations. The free devices are to replace existing equipment with a higher flow function.

Read the Expression of Interest form for details about the program, including terms and conditions:

Saving energy at work

There are many simple ways you can reduce energy costs at your workplace or business:

  • Switch off computers, monitors and electrical equipment at the end of each day.
  • Switch off lights in areas that you are not using.
  • Switch to energy efficient lighting.
  • Replace air conditioning units more than ten years old.
  • Fix leaks in compressed air systems.
  • Install smart building controls to automatically switch off lights and air-conditioning systems.
  • Use variable speed drive to control air conditioner fans.
  • Increase the temperature setting when cooling your space.

Home-based business guide

If you work from home, check out the Australian Government's home-based business guide. This guide is for home-based offices, tradies, and anyone who operates all or part of their business from home. It includes practical tips to help reduce household power use and vehicle running costs.

Incentives and resources

  • The NSW Government provides information on energy management. You'll also find discounts and incentives for businesses to reduce energy use and save on power bills. You can take advantage of several schemes, which include subsidies for new appliances and equipment.
  • The Energy Savings Scheme reduces energy consumption in NSW. It provides financial incentives for businesses to invest in energy savings activities.
  • Energy management for business provides you with information such as how to:
    • understand and manage your power bills
    • select energy-efficient appliances and technology and use them efficiently
    • find the best energy deals.
  • EnergyCut outlines how you can save money on your business' energy bills.

We can help you

If you need more information about saving energy, please contact Council's Sustainability Team on: