Rates Subsidy Grant Guidelines

These guidelines will help you to prepare a thorough and complete application to give your organisation the best chance of obtaining a rates subsidy.

Eligible groups

Eligible groups must be registered charities or not-for-profit sporting, social and cultural organisations providing community services or benefits. This can include historical societies, Schools of Arts, CWA, public halls, pre-school kindergartens, and other community organisations.

Ineligible groups

Funds will generally not be provided to groups that:

  • have licensed premises
  • have significant commercial or surplus income
  • are funded by another level of government
  • are a church or other religious group.

Assessment criteria

The following matters will be taken into consideration in assessing applications.

  • Is the applicant a not-for-profit or community group?
  • Has the applicant received funding from other Government sectors or Council?
  • What benefit the applicant provides to the community.
  • Proof of rates responsibility (if applicant is not property owner) ie: copy of lease terms.
  • Current financial records.

Level and term of funding available

The maximum level of rates subsidy that will be made available is 50% of the annual general rates and charges showing on the rates notice, excluding waste charges, for the registered charity or not-for-profit group for the relevant financial year.

Payment of subsidy

The payment of any rates subsidy granted will be applied to the annual rates and charges showing on the rates notice for the registered charity or not-for-profit group.

Contact us

For more information or for assistance with the grant application please contact the Rates team: