Entertainment - including amusement devices and fireworks

Amusement devices

As part of Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993, operators of amusement devices such as rides are required to make an application to Eurobodalla Shire Council for approval to operate.

The amusement device application form must be completed and returned to Council before the amusement device can operate for public use. The application form must be accompanied by:

  • A copy of your current SafeWork NSW Registration relating to the specific ride/s
  • A copy of the Certificate of Currency showing $20 million public liability insurance related to the specific ride/s.
  • the application fee in accordance with Council’s adopted fees and charges.

Council will attend and facilitate the applications and undertake required inspections on-site.

As the event organiser, if you are unsure if an amusement operator attending your event requires approval, contact Council’s Development Services on (02) 4474 7444.

Inflatable devices

All operators of jumping castles and other inflatable devices are required to have public liability insurance cover of at least $20 Million ($20,000,000) per claim for the intended hire period. A Certificate of Currency must be submitted to Council a minimum of five (5) days prior to the event.

All inflatable devices must be designed and constructed in accordance with Australian Standard 3533, 1-1997.

While in use, each inflatable device must be supervised by a responsible person trained in all aspects of its safe operation.

Inflatable devices must not be operated in periods when wind velocity exceeds 45km/hr. If the wind velocity approaches this level, the device must be cleared and deflated immediately.

While in use, each inflatable device must be securely restrained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If any part of the restraining system fails, the device must be cleared and if necessary, deflated until the restraining system can be made secure again.

All inflatable devices must have a minimum setback of 10 metres from any playground, picnic shelter or eating area.


Under the NSW Explosives Act, it is illegal to operate fireworks in NSW without a licence from SafeWork NSW. A pyro-technician’s license or single use licence needs to be obtained from SafeWork NSW for the display of any fireworks. This licence will specify the types of fireworks that are permitted.

Eurobodalla Shire Council will require proof of the pyro-technician’s Public Liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million dollars, five (5) days prior to the event start date.

With respect to the display of fireworks on Council owned or managed land, Eurobodalla Shire Council requires such land to be suitably set back from the adjoining land users and not cause undue interference with the amenity of the area. Event organisers must also advertise through local media the date and time of the fireworks display to give pet owners sufficient notice.

If fireworks are planned for your event, you are required to advise Council, as well as the local fire brigade and police, at least two weeks before the event.

For detailed information about the operation of fireworks and the licences required, visit SafeWork NSW or phone 13 10 50.


To minimise environmental impacts, Council prohibits the release of balloons at all events in Council managed reserves or at those events conducted by Council. The use of balloons is allowed, just not the release. It is also illegal to release 20 or more gas-inflated balloons at or about the same time (Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997- Amendment (Balloons) Act 2000).

Noise control

Managing noise levels is an important part of planning your event. Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997:

  • The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is the regulatory authority responsible for regulating noise from scheduled events and noise emitted by public authorities.
  • Council is responsible for the management of noise in relation to non-scheduled activities or events.
  • Local police may become involved in other neighbourhood noise issues.

There are restrictions on the level of noise that may be emitted throughout the day and night and whether the noise is considered ‘offensive.’

In Eurobodalla, a formal Noise Impact Statement may be required where there is the likelihood of amplified music or other significant noise generating activities or events.

Event organisers may be required to provide a clearance pass for Council’s Environmental Health Officer or compliance staff for access to all areas of the event prior to the event start date.