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Coastal studies and projects

Local councils are responsible for managing the risk to people, towns and infrastructure from coastal hazards.

This involves reducing or avoiding damages caused by coastal storms such as erosion of beaches, inundation from storm surges and longer term processes such as sea level rise.

Council is working on a Coastal Management Program which, when completed, will be the primary tool for managing these hazards.

Open Coast Coastal Management Program

  • Focus: beaches and headlands.
    This program will help ensure the Eurobodalla coast is managed and developed in a way that protects natural features and supports ongoing growth.
  • Status: Recently on exhibition for community feedback in October and November 2022
  • Details: Eurobodalla Coastal Management Program

Estuarine Coastal Management Program

  • Focus: Moruya River, Mummaga Lake, Wagonga Inlet.
    This is a standalone plan for the management of our estuaries. Estuaries are critical environmental features, holding ecological, cultural, economic, aesthetic and recreational value for all of us.
  • Status: Adopted at the ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 25 October 2022
  • Details: Estuarine Coastal Management Program

Wharf Road Coastal Zone Management Plan

  • Focus: Wharf Road area, the northern sandy shoreline of Batemans Bay.
    The plan contains a set of management aims, objectives and actions to protect and enhance the Wharf Road area.
  • Status: Certified 4 June 2018
  • Details: Wharf Road Coastal Zone Management Plan

Coastal Hazards Scoping Study

  • Focus: identifying areas that are most at risk from coastal hazards and in need of a management response in the Coastal Management Program.
  • Status: Adopted January 2011
  • Details: Coastal Hazards Scoping Study

Contact us

If you need more information about any of our coastal studies or projects, please contact Council's Coastal and Flood Management Planner:

  • T: 02 4474 1000
  • E: Council
  • visit our customer service centre at the corner of Vulcan Street and Campbell Street, Moruya, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm.