Climate Change Advisory Committee

This committee gives advice to Council about how it can effectively implement the Climate Action Plan in partnership with the community.


The primary objective is to advise and assist Council and the community in the delivery of actions from the Climate Action Plan.

Group members will:

  • provide a communication linkage between Council and the community
  • provide specialist advice and/or specialist contacts
  • advise on how to work with, and overcome, barriers to implementation
  • advise and assist with advocating to the NSW and Australian Governments
  • assist with funding opportunities and grant applications.

Terms of reference


  • Community members representative of groups with interest and knowledge in climate change, and individuals with high-level experience and/or expertise in climate adaptation and mitigation: Aaron Atteridge, Russell Baker, Steve Coleman, Luke Dalla, Suzanne Harter, Anthony Haymet, Kathryn Maxwell, Julie Taylor Mills, Niall O’Donnell, Julian Poulter, Brett Stevenson, Mark Stubbings, Ian Swain, Andy Telfer, and Jo Walker.
  • Two councillors: Councillors David Grace and Alison Worthington.
  • The chairperson, as resolved by Council: Councillor Worthington.
  • Council sustainability staff (as required).
  • NSW Government or Australian agency representatives (as required).


Meetings are held each quartery, on the second Thursday of the month in:

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November.

More information

For more information about the Climate Change Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Thomson: