Temporary structures and development applications - including temporary camping

Development applications for events

If an event is to be held on land that is not normally used for the same purpose as the event, an application will be required to enable a temporary use of the land. Examples of events that require a development application can include:

  • markets that are held on land that is otherwise used as a car park or a recreation area
  • music events in parks.

Event organisers should ensure their applications are lodged at least four months prior to the event date to allow enough time for assessment and condition requirements to be met.

Blanket development consent

Council has approved blanket development applications in place for various types of events. These allow a range of events to take place at specific venues without the need for an event-specific development application. Locations of blanket development applications include Mackay Park and Hanging Rock.

If you want to hold an event at one of these locations, you are required to submit an event application to determine if it meets the criteria. If your event meets the criteria of the blanket development consent you will be required to adhere to the conditions.

If your event does not meet the criteria of the blanket development application you will need to apply for a development application for your event.

Temporary structures

Before erecting any temporary structures at your event, you will need to seek advice from Council. Temporary structures may include stages, marquees, tiered seating, lighting gantries or similar.

Event organisers may be required to obtain development consent and an occupation certificate for temporary structures. Should your event require consent, plans, specifications and relevant structural certificates will be required. In addition, Council may deem that a compliance inspection is necessary and if carried out, inspection fees will apply.

Hiring, setting up, pulling down and general use of temporary structures must comply with the SafeWork NSW Practices and Guidelines.

Section 138

Consent is required under Section 138 of the NSW Roads Act 1993 for any works or activities in a road reserve, public road way, public footpath or nature strip. This may include, but is not limited to temporary fencing, marquees, scaffolding, light towers, cranes and staging. An application for approval should be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to your event.


Temporary event camping

Temporary event camping is currently only permitted at the Moruya Showground. A development application is required for other locations.

  • If you are applying for event related camping at Moruya Showground, you may only need to apply for approval under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993.
  • If the site proposed does not have existing event-related camping in place, a development application will be required.
  • If the land is bushfire-prone a fire safety approval under 100B of the Rural Fires Act administered by the NSW RFS will be required. Please note, consideration on realistic time frames must be given to this type of proposal.

When applying for approval under Section 68, you will need to show on your site plan that any camping facilities comply with the Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2021. Please ensure your application is submitted at least three months prior to your event start date.

More information

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