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Support for clubs

Eurobodalla Council works with local clubs and professional recreation providers to make sure you have the support you need to deliver a great experience for your members.

If you're involved in delivering sport and recreation in Eurobodalla, we invite you to:

  • get your copy of the Eurobodalla Sports Resource Kit to help with club governance, training and retaining volunteers, and amplifying your fundraising efforts
  • come along to our events and workshops, and get involved in the Sport and Active Recreation Forum
  • get in touch with us.

Eurobodalla Sports Resource Kit

The Eurobodalla Sports Resource Kit is a collection of 27 documents covering four key areas: governance, club development, member experience, and grants.

The kit is designed to inspire and assist local sporting clubs to build success and respond to emerging opportunities.

You can use these free documents to help manage your club's responsibilities and development, improve member experiences, and help sustain and improve your club’s financial position.

More tools and resources

There are some great organisations that offer free support and resources to sporting and recreation clubs across Australia.

You can use these tools and resources to help you build and maintain a strong club.

Council hosts a regular forum to bring together local sporting and recreation leaders. We work together to provide quality programs for our community.

The forum is all about sharing ideas, identifying key issues and to developing the capabilities we need to grow and thrive.

Forum members will:

  • hear from leading experts in club development
  • get access to targeted training
  • develop helpful networks
  • hear from Council staff about current and upcoming projects
  • be a part of strategic discussions that shape future directions
  • find out about the latest grants and other opportunities available.

For sport and recreation clubs: Learn from experts about ways to keep your club strong and growing, tap into grant opportunities and keep up to date with upcoming recreation works.

For professional coaches: Network and collaborate with local leaders from the clubs and other businesses. Tap into shire-wide strategies to keep the community engaged and active.

For schools and teachers: Be part of the conversation on how we best motivate and inspire young people to develop physical literacy and a life-long association with sport and active recreation.

It has been a difficult two years for sporting clubs and professionals. In July 2020 Council received a grant from the Commonwealth Disaster recovery fund, the grant is for building the resilience of our sporting clubs.

In May 2021, people from the Eurobodalla sporting community were invited to participate in collaborative workshops, workshops identified practical solutions to common challenges. We learnt a lot about common issues and explored ideas to address them.

To support workshop findings, online forums were held during January 2022, these forums provided clubs and professionals an opportunity to contribute ideas on how the grant should be spent and to put action on the ground. Project delivery is planned for March to June 2022.

For more information and to get involved contact Council’s Recreation Development Coordinator, Tina Smith.

This is a great resource for clubs and their volunteers with resources to help committee members and volunteers find their feet.

Sports Community ClubSpot offers:

  • free templates and worksheets
  • downloadable position descriptions for each committee member
  • tools and templates for core governance documents
  • podcasts specifically pitched at local clubs
  • free or affordable, targeted training.

Sport Australia's online health check is a great starting point for any committee.

It helps you gauge where your club is at and identify areas for improvements.

Governance refers to the way you run your club including the way you structure your committee, your club’s goals and objectives, the way you plan to achieve those outcomes, and the principles you use to make decisions.

Improve your governance with Sport Australia’s nine-step training program, and browse other resources:

Eurobodalla Council supports and encourages diversity and inclusion in sport.

We encourage clubs to use 7 Pillars of Inclusion model developed by Sport Australia and the Play by the Rules initiative. Their toolkit resources will help you and your club:

  • understand what inclusion means
  • identify strengths and weaknesses
  • create a strong, inclusive culture.

The pillars are focused around simple actions that lead to cultural change over time. They can be used across all levels of your sport, for all disadvantaged and diverse groups.

More information

We acknowledge some of the documents in the Eurobodalla Sports Kit may not be accessible to some of our residents. If you require assistance or would like a Word version of a document, please contact Recreation Development Coordinator, Tina Smith.